Course Transfer/Evaluation

The maximum number of transfer credit hours that may be applied toward an ACU undergraduate degree is 96. No more than 66 semester hours of credit may be from a community, junior or other two-year college.

See how your credits will transfer:

We have an easy way for you to see your transfer equivalencies. Our transfer portal will show you how your past coursework may apply to your majors and give you a checklist of the steps to apply.

About course transfer:

  • Transfer courses with a grade of C or higher from regionally accredited institutions will be posted to the student's ACU records and may count toward graduation if the credits are appropriate.
  • Transfer courses will be posted at the same level they were taken at a previous institution. ACU accepts only work equivalent or comparable to work offered at ACU.
  • Grades for transfer courses are not included in the student's GPA at ACU.
  • ACU does not accept developmental or remedial courses, institution-specific courses, or courses in which the grade received was D or lower.

To view a list of classes that will transfer to ACU, the Texas Common Course Numbering System is a helpful tool. Click on the "Compare Institutions" option to evaluate the compatibility of your class with an ACU class. 

Course Exemptions:

Students who transfer to ACU with 24 or more transferable hours do not have to take certain ACU-specific courses.

0-23 Transferable Hours – Students still take all required courses of incoming freshman.

24-59 Transferable Hours – Students combine BIBL 101 and BIBL 102 into one course, BIBL 103.

60 or More Transferable Hours - In addition to the above exemptions, students will not be required to take an advanced BIBL selection.

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