Transient (Special or Short Term) Students

Students who want to take courses for academic credit but are not seeking a degree from ACU may be admitted on a semester-by-semester basis as transient, or non-degree, students. This provision applies, for example, to students enrolled in another college, qualified high school students, and visiting summer students. Transient applicants must:

  1. Complete a Special Student Application, also available in the Registrar’s Office.
  2. Submit an official high school or college transcript.
  3. High school students must also submit a letter of permission from a high school counselor or principal.

Students from other institutions are urged to confer with their own advisor before enrolling at ACU. 

Non-degree students who later decide to continue their work at ACU must apply for admission to a degree program following published procedures. The fact that they have been admitted to non-degree status for one or more semesters does not guarantee their admission to a degree program at ACU.