About The Adams Center

We believe that learning is a lifelong process and that those of us who teach make a commitment to continue learning throughout our lives. The Adams Center exists to promote the lifelong learning of ACU's faculty as they strive to integrate their faith and their discipline. 

The Adams Center is a gathering place for faculty to share insights, raise questions, and develop skills in a hospitable, supportive context.

We provide state of the art learning facilities that allow faculty to experiment with new ways of teaching, learning, and research, but we also focus on hospitality. Faculty often drop by on the way to class for coffee, and gather several times each week for lunch and conversations led by their colleagues. Former ACU President Dr. John C. Stevens once said, "There are no subjects on this earth or in outer space or in the metaphysical realm which we cannot study on the campus of a Christian institution of higher learning." Our goal in the Adams Center is to provide an environment that embodies that spirit.

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