Our Alumni

ACU graduates have become best-selling authors, award-winning artists, Pulitzer Prize winners, Olympic gold medalists, world champions, members of Congress, academic leaders and much more.

Everything students do at ACU is intended to help them grow in heart, soul, mind and strength, fulfilling the first and greatest commandment as taught by Christ. Though each graduate leaves having enhanced capabilities in each of these areas, their chosen career path naturally draws attention to one over the others.

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Heart. Through formal charitable organizations or simply their sheer
personal will, ACU graduates position themselves to serve their fellow man.
Dr. Kent Brantly, Ebola Survivor and Activitst

“Our neighbors are not simply the people that live next to us, our roommate, the person down the hall or in our class.”

Dr. Kent Brantly (’03)
Ebola Survivor

Max Lucado, Author and Minister

"Scarcely a week passes by when I don't tell some story about how my life was changed during my days as a student at ACU."

Max Lucado (’77) 
Minister and Author

Brittany Partridge, Activist and founder of Red Thread Movement

“I was shocked nobody knew about human trafficking. We talk about slavery from 200 years ago but not about today.” 

Brittany Partridge (’12) 
Red Thread Movement

Soul. As they use their God-given talents to spread the love of Christ,
ACU graduates produce works that offer audiences a chance to reflect.
Aaron Watson, Country music star

“The top country songs on the radio just aren’t ones that make you pull over on the side of the road and think about life.” 

Aaron Watson (’00)
Country Music Star

Randy Brewer, Movie producer

“Always look to be the best. When you fail, get up again. If you don’t try, you’ll never get to the top accomplishment.” 

Randy Brewer (’93)
Executive Producer at Revolution Pictures

Leah Rama, artist and designer

“I want to be able to use my skills and creative gifts to make a change in an industry that’s running on old tracks.”

Leah Rama (’12) 
Fashion Designer

Mind. Whatever field in which they may gain expertise, ACU graduates
are prized for both their intellectual might and continuous curiosity.
Dr. Josh Willis, Physics professor

“We’re at least as excited about what else we’ll see. Gravitational waves represent the dawn of a new kind of astronomy.”

Dr. Josh Willis (’96)
Professor of Physics

Lori Windham, Attorney

“After I graduated and went to a secular law school, I missed studying our laws through the lens of a rich faith tradition.” 

Lori Windham (’01)
Religious Freedom Attorney

Dr. Leslie Hutchins, Neurosurgeon

“When you can perform an intervention that changes an outcome for an individual or family, that’s what I love the most.”

Dr. Leslie Hutchins (’04)

Strength. Whether on the battlefield, the playing field, or any other kind of
field, ACU graduates are determined to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.
Gen. Paul Selva, Joint Chiefs Vice Chair

“It is truly humbling to represent the men and women who wear the uniform of our nation and our civilian workforce.” 

Gen. Paul Selva (’84)
Joint Chiefs Vice Chair 

Earl Young, Athlete and Olympic gold medalist

“Once the door of opportunity has been opened for you, you have to have value to offer before the door closes.”  

Earl Young (’62)
Olympic Gold Medalist

Farron Salley, TV Reporter and Journalist

“Throughout my time at ACU, I opened up in a way that I always feared would never be accepted or appreciated.”

Farron Salley (’12) 
Television Reporter

Featured Alumna: Elise Mitchell (’83)

As dual CEO of Mitchell Communications Group and Dentsu Aegis Network, Elise Mitchell is a highly accomplished strategic communications professional and business leader.

Among other honors, Elise was named PR Professional of the Year in 2013 by PRWeek magazine and ACU’s Outstanding Alumna of the Year in 2015.