International Undergraduate Admission Process

For Intensive English, Freshman, and Transfer Students

We're excited that you would like to attend ACU, and we would like to give you more information about the application process. In general, as an international student seeking admission to ACU's undergraduate program, you should apply with the Office of Admissions six months before the date you wish to begin classes. All official test scores and transcripts must be received at least 60 days before the beginning of the term you plan to attend. The following items must be received before an admission decision can be reached:

1) Application

Complete an online application (includes essay and application fee).

Please ensure that every question is completed, so that we may process your application in a timely manner. Also, please ensure that the name on your application matches the name on your transcripts and, where possible, the name on your passport. It is imperative that we have your current email address at all times, and that Abilene Christian University is indicated as an eligible sender to the account.

A nonrefundable US $50.00 application fee is required in order to process your application. There are three options for paying this fee:

2) Standardized Test Scores

We require the following minimum scores on these exams to accept a student into ACU's undergraduate and ESL programs: ACU English Placement Chart.

ACU Approved Assessments:

The director of admissions may:


Do I need to take the SAT or the ACT?

If the student submits another approved international standardized assessment, it might not be necessary to submit an SAT or ACT score for admissions purposes.

However, if the student meets ACU's minimum English-language requirements to apply as a first-year undergraduate student, it is recommended to submit an official SAT or ACT score because this is mandatory to be considered for an academic scholarship. Also, in lieu of writing an essay, the student may submit an ACT or SAT writing score.

Visit our ACT/SAT Frequently Asked Questions page.


3) Academic Records

All documents should be submitted in the original language. All documents in languages other than English must be accompanied by a certified line-by-line, literal, English translation.

Secondary School Records

Official secondary school transcripts, a secondary school diploma or leaving certificate and examination results are required from all first-year and transfer students.


If you attend a post-secondary institution outside the United States, we require official transcripts which include all subjects studied each year and the grade/mark earned in each subject. A key to the marking system with minimum passing mark should be included. In addition, we require course descriptions of all classes you have taken and intend to take prior to the semester in which you hope to enroll at Abilene Christian University. If descriptions are not available, please provide a three- to five-sentence description of each course. Include the content, scope, credits/number of hours for each course or the number of hours per week, and the number of weeks per semester.

If you attend a post-secondary institution in the United States, official transcripts should be sent directly from the institution to Abilene Christian University.

You may submit preliminary documents using our document uploader.

4) Student Visa Steps

Every international student seeking an international student visa from the U.S. government must submit to the university a bank statement that is no more than six months old at the time you would start attending ACU. It should show sufficient funds to cover the estimated cost of studying at ACU for one academic year (nine months) and a letter from the owner of the bank account stating that the funds will be used to support the applicant. Download the Affidavit of Support form. View the estimated expenses for the undergraduate program.

After you submit qualified financial information, we will send you an admissions package that includes a certificate of admission and an immigration document called an I-20. You will need these documents to make an appointment with the U.S. consulate or embassy in your country to apply for a student visa to study at ACU. To ensure all information in your I-20 is correct, we require a copy of your passport before sending your documents.

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