Financial Aid for International Students

We realize that going to college is an investment. Each year, ACU awards more than $96 million in financial aid through scholarships, loans, grants and college work study. The average financial aid package awarded to full-time international students is valued at 50% of tuition and fees.

Tuition, Fees and Living Expenses

Fall and Spring Semesters Undergraduate   ESL Program
Tuition and Fees $33,280*   $16,640*
Health Insurance $1,200   $1,200
Room and Board $10,020    $10,020 
Books Estimate $1,250   $1,250
Total for 9-Months $45,750   $29,110


About This Estimate

*The undergraduate tuition estimate is based on the block tuition fee that includes all required fees and allows student to take from 24 to 36 credit hours per year. The ESL tuition estimate is based on the same plan minus a 50% discount for ESL classes. The graduate tuition estimate is based on 24 credit hours per year at a rate of $1,148 per credit hour.

The above figures are based on the assumption that the student lives in a residence hall and has a meal plan. (Single undergraduate students with less than 60 credit hours are required to live on campus unless they are 21 years of age or older. Those who have completed at least 60 credit hours have the option of living off campus.) For more information about enrolling in Wildcat Pay Plan, click here.

This estimate does not include expenses such as travel to and from one's home country, vacation travel, personal expenses, clothing or the support of additional persons. Note: It is important to understand that tuition increases each year and that living and insurance expenses may increase each year as well.


Scholarships for International Students

Multiple scholarships are available to qualified international students, including the following:

Additional Documentation

While not mandatory, international students may submit a 2017-18 International Student Financial Aid Application by CollegeBoard or a CSS / Financial Aid Profile to complement the student’s academic and financial aid file. This information will be considered when awarding competitive scholarships.


International Employment

International students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week on campus during the fall and spring semester. International students may work full-time during official school breaks. A realistic estimate of the maximum one can earn in an academic semester ranges from $1,000 to $2,000. It is the student's responsibility to find a job on campus.

After successfully completing a degree, international students are eligible to apply to work for one year in the US in a field related to their degree. This is known as optional practical training (OPT).

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