Your Award

This website is intended to help you understand your award letter and how you should respond. Read through the information below and then communicate with us – on the phone (800-460-6228), via email ( or on campus. The more we know about you, the more we’ll be able to assist you in the financial planning process.

Students and professor working in class

Understanding Your Award

When your financial aid award arrived, you probably felt excitement followed by confusion. We’re committed to helping you sort through the jargon and figure out what your award means, so check out the links below. If you’re still confused about your award, how aid works and/or paying for college, give us a call.

What's Next?

OK, you’ve received your award, you’ve read our “Understanding your award” section, and you’re ready to take the next steps - but what are they? See below for everything you need to know to complete the financial aid process.

Ready to Be a Part?

We’re eager to see not only what you can accomplish with an ACU education, but how your unique perspective can enrich your fellow classmates and ACU as a whole.