Dual Credit Program for High School Students

ACU offers high school students the opportunity to enroll in college-level courses that can apply toward high school graduation requirements and easily transferable college credit.

Simply select which type of student you are for additional information about dual credit options available specifically to you:

  • Student in Abilene Independent School District
  • Student at a National Christian Schools Association member school and other private schools
  • Student in the Abilene surrounding area
Students and professor working in class

Student in Abilene Independent School District

Students must meet specific college and Abilene ISD criteria before being accepted for enrollment in dual credit courses:

These courses will be taught on the ACU campus during the regular school day and are open to Abilene ISD juniors and seniors. Courses consist of high school and college students, and space is limited and filled on a first-come, first-served basis. All courses at ACU are eligible for dual credit, subject to approval by AISD and completion of the appropriate prerequisite for the course.

Complete the 2016-17 Application for Dual Credit.

Student at a National Christian Schools Association member school and other private schools

ACU has partnered with NCSA and other private schools to offer three unique ways for students to earn college credit:

  1. Course taught at your school by a credentialed high school faculty member.
  2. Course taught at your school by a high school faculty member with resources and oversight provided by an ACU faculty member in the discipline.
  3. Course taught by an ACU faculty member online. Content and instruction will be provided by ACU. The high school may provide a supplementary instructor within the classroom to help keep students on task, help answer questions, and direct enrichment activities. The student takes the course either in class with a supplementary instructor or, if no supplementary instructor is provided, at a time convenient for him or her.

2016-2017 Dual Credit Offerings at ACU:

Admission to dual credit is based on a student’s application and ACT or SAT college readiness scores. English/Verbal scores of 19-ACT or 470 SAT and Math/Quantitative scores of 20-ACT or 500-SAT are the preferred minimum section score requirements.

If a student has not taken the ACT or SAT, or has not met ACU's desired minimum, a NCSA High School Counselor or Administrator can recommend a student for dual enrollment through our Dual Credit Recommendation Form.

Complete the 2016-17 Application for Dual Credit.

Students in the Abilene surrounding area

Courses Available
Any course at ACU may be taken as dual credit provided the student meets all prerequisite requirements for the course. Prerequisite requirements for courses can be found in the Course Description section of the catalog.

View the ACU schedule of classes for a given semester.

These courses are offered to high school students at greatly reduced rates. The rate for the 2016-17 academic year is $140 per credit hour. Individual course fees may also apply. Students will also be responsible for purchasing an ACU Parking Pass at a cost of $25 (for on-campus courses only) and will be responsible for any books for each course taken. Cost for books varies by course. No other discounts or scholarships, such as the Faculty-Employee Discount, will apply to these hours. Dual credit students at ACU are limited to a maximum enrollment in 7 credit hours per semester and a total of 24 credit hours of dual credit at ACU.

Other Information
Students enrolling in dual credit at ACU will be registered after current ACU students have registered for classes. Typically, this means students will be registered in late April for the fall term and in mid-November for the spring term. When ACU classes are full, no dual credit students will be allowed to register for those courses without special permission of the department and professor. Students seeking to take upper-level courses at ACU will also need special permission of the instructor and professor of the class.

Complete the 2016-17 Application for Dual Credit.

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