Department of History and Global Studies

At ACU our History and Global Studies Department strives to provide an understanding of the experiences of humankind; to stimulate thought concerning various institutions, ideas and cultures; and to promote ethical standards in keeping with the Christian faith. The study of history prepares students by developing critical-thinking, research and writing skills. Our faculty invite students to engage with history, to be a part of new research, and to challenge their previous understanding of the past.

ACU's faculty of Christian scholars and professionals are the foundation for student success. Each faculty member is an expert in their field, and at building supportive relationships with ACU students.

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The Department of History and Global Studies seeks to help students comprehend the present state of the world through a study of some of the essential currents of the past and global complexities of the present.

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We’re eager to see not only what you can accomplish with an ACU education, but how your unique perspective can enrich your fellow classmates and ACU as a whole.