Question of the Day

"Can I view my departmental phone bill online?"

Yes you can! You first need to know your department's subscriber ID within our billing system. If you don't have the number already, you can contact the Helpdesk. Once you have your department's ID number, log into myACU. Switch to the Technology Space and click the Quicklinks tab. From the list of links find and click the Phone Bill link. This will open a new window and ask you for a username and password (given to you by Kristy or the Helpdesk). When you have logged into the billing system, you can select the month for a list of detailed transactions. If you need to make corrections to your phone bill, contact us,


"I imported a file into Excel and the date format is wrong. How can I change the format if it isn't one listed in the Date category?"

Select your columns to format. From the Home tab, select Format Cells. If the format you want to use is not listed in the Date category, you can create a custom format. Select the Custom category located in the left side bar. If your format isn't listed (for example, Nov-16-2007), then type in your format in the field above the list of custom formats. In this case, I would type mmm-dd-yyyy in the field provided. As you type the format, watch the sample area to see what your data would look like before you apply the format. When you are pleased with the results, click ok.

"Can you create a fill-in form from an PDF format?"

Yes. You need Adobe Acrobat Pro. Once you have it installed ($39 for one license), use the Form wizard and Form tools to create your own fill-in form that allow your customers to fill out your form online. They can print it out for themselves and send it to you.


"How can I print a monthly Outlook calendar without having the calendar appointment data cut off?"

This question is a tricky one! The only solution I could find within Outlook is to print your monthly calendar across two pages. The other option is to download the Outlook Calendar Printing Assistant. It is a separate application but links to your Outlook calendar. Open the application and choose one of the monthly templates and print away!


"How do I create my own template in Word 2007?"

Start with a new blank document and make changes to it. When you have it set up the way you want it, click the Office button. Choose Save As and select Word Template. Save it in the Trusted Template folder that is available on the left side bar. Click Save. The next time you want to use it, open Word and click the Office Button. Select Open and select your template from the trusted template folder.


"How do I suppress the page number from the first page of my document?"

In Word 2007, click on the Insert tab. From the Header and Footer group select Page Number. Choose the position for your page numbers. You should now be able to see the page numbers within your document. If you want to suppress the first page number, go to the Design tab from the Headers and Footers contextual tab. Check the box next to Different first page. This will remove the page number from the first page. In some cases, the first page number will drop to a new line. If this happens, simply delete the "1" from the first page.


"I'm a new employee. When will the basic classes for Banner, Blackboard, Grading programs be available?

The Banner Intro class is held once a semester, but there is a fundamentals class offered online. There will be a training session for Easy Grade Pro at the beginning of December for all faculty wishing to use the program next semester. If there is enough interest, specific sessions can be requested.


"Is there a Training Calendar available for the employees?"

Yes! There is now a new public Google calendar with all the scheduled training sessions. To view this calendar in your own Google calendar, log into your calendar. In the search field type "ACU Training Center" and click the "Search Public Calendars". When the list of calendars come up, press the "Add to my calendar" button underneath ACU Training Center. It will be visible on the left side bar under "Other Calendars". View this calendar along side of you own work calendar. You can copy events from the Training Center calendar into your own calendar!


"How do I protect my computer?"

There are several things you can do to protect your computer such as:

  • Restart your machine - this helps with problems like slowness, programs not working, or other odd behavior
  • Update your operating system - leave your machine turned on, but logged out. Automatic updates are downloaded every night
  • Install Windows Defender to aid you in the removal of spyware.
  • Check Sophos Antivirus - Sophos auto-updates and scans your computer for viruses daily without the need for you to baby sit it.
  • Don't open spam - Spam messages are pretty common these days and can contain harmful things. It's best to just delete the messages if you don't recognize the sender.
  • Don't click on pop-ups or "Instant Winner" ads - often times these questionable websites will install spyware on your machine and could end up costing you more than the "free" item they are tempting you with.


"How do I gain door access to a particular building?"

Each building has its own building supervisor that is responsible for door access. There are two different kinds of locks on campus: online locks and key locks. The online locks require an ID card to pass through. Call the building supervisor for permission to their building. Call Physical Resources, Ext. 2665, for information for accessing key locks.


"How do I schedule an appointment with by Technology Support building representative?"

To schedule an appointment with your building rep, call the Helpdesk, Ext. 4357. If you have a work order open, the Helpdesk can schedule an appointment with your rep that is convenient for you.


"How do I access the department's phone bill on the web?"

Log into myACU and switch to the Technology Space. Click on the Quicklinks tab then the Phone Bill link. You will need to know your department's subscriber number in order to log in. If you don't, contact us. Once you receive the log in information, you can review a month by month summary of your department's charges. If you would like to review individual charges within your department, click on the month in question. Once you see the list of employees in your department, you can click their name to find the itemized charges for that individual.



"How do I order software for my computer?"

You can request quotes and order software through the Helpdesk, x4357. A work order is generated and within a day or two, you will receive the software price. When a FOAP is received, the software will be ordered for you. When it arrives, a new work order is created and assigned to your building representative.



"How do I get to the Technology Training area on
iTunes U?"

You can find the Technology Training on iTunes U by going to . Click the "For Students, Faculty, and Staff" button. Once you have entered your username and password, you will see the Technology Training section at the bottom of the web page on the right. Click once on the Technology Training button and from there you can play or download any of the content. More videos and audio will be added in the next few months.



"I'm leaving town for a week. How do I check my email from another computer?"

If you are using another computer, you can still check your email by either logging into myACU or you can go directly to it by typing into your web browser address line.



"I have a mac with Office 2004. How can I view an Office 2007 document?"

Unfortunately, Office 2004 for Mac and Office 2007 for PC are not compatible with each other. Currently, Mac users will need to have the PC user save the file as a 2003 format and resend it. However, Microsoft is working on a converter tool that mac users can utilize to convert the newer version to the 2004 format. You can find this tool on Microsoft's web page. The new version for the Mac, Office 2008, is scheduled to come out toward the end of the year.



"Can I add the Quicklinks to my Personal Space in myACU?"

Yes! With the new update, the Quicklinks are now available! Log into myACU and select your Personal Space. Click the "Add Content" link and from the ACU category click the Add button next to Quicklinks. You will find helpful links to PCard information, Phone bill information, Banner Security Request, etc.



"When is OSX 10.5 (Leopard) going to be available?"

OSX 10.5 is scheduled to be in the Campus Store on Monday, Oct. 29th. However, as with any new software application, Technology Support will test the software and make sure that it is compatible with other ACU software. Technology Support plans to support the product, but is not ready to install it on ACU-owned machines yet. Announcements will be made through the Training Newsletter and myACU announcements. 



"Do I have a limit on my ACU Gmail account?"

Yes, sort of. When we started with GMail in April 2007, we had a 2 Gigabyte (GB) limit. Recently, we have learned that Google has been steadily increasing our account limit. As of today, it is a little over 4 GB and growing. By then end of the year, Google may be able to increase our quotas to 6 GB and then add an additional gig every year after that.



"Do I need to register for training classes?"

Yes, it is helpful. When you register for classes (even if there is a chance you may not make it), it lets the instructor know how many to expect. This helps when trying to get handouts together, deciding on whether or not to cancel the class due to lack of registrations, or class changes (time or location). You will also receive a reminder email about the class schedule and location. And for future reference, if there is an update to the software application, you can receive important information via email. If there is anything we can do to improve the registration process, please contact us.



"I've sent an email (through GMail) to a large group of people, and now when I try to send an email, I get an error message saying I can't send."

Since we have switched to GMail, we now have a limit of 500 unique recipients per day. For most of us, that isn't a problem. But for the employees on campus who send emails to specific groups of people (to all students, or to all employees), this limit can be frustrating. If you need to send email out to a large number of people there is a tool that is available on the web that does not depend on the GMail outgoing servers to send mail. It's called the Bulk-Mail Tool. You can find this tool at: You should have access to all of the bulk email groups you had previous to our switch to Gmail. (Let the Helpdesk ( know if one is missing.) Using this tool, will not go against your quota for the day and will keep you in business.



"I will be out of the office for one week. How do I set up an "out of the office" message on gmail?"

To add a vacation message in Gmail, first click on the "Settings" link located at the top right corner of your window. Then under the "General" tab find the heading labeled "Vacation Responder". Select the option for "Vacation Responder on" and type in your vacation message and click "Save Changes" at the bottom of your screen. It does give you a choice to only send the responder message to those in your contacts - you can check it if you want to.



"I've been getting more spam lately. Has something changed?"

Since the email conversion, you may have noticed that spam is managed differently. Spam that was previously blocked will now be delivered to your "Spam" folder, not to your "Inbox". Rarely, you may have legitimate messages in your Spam folder - so check it occasionally! (Warning-- subject lines may be offensive so looking at the sender might be the only indicator you need.) Some users have seen legitimate mail going into the spam folder. The ones reported have been sent to Google support. The common denominator that we've seen so far is that most messages seem to have been sent from the Macintosh program. If you see others that have been mislabeled, please let us know. We need the full headers from the message. To find the headers, open the mail message and click on the arrow next to the "Reply" button. Select the option "Show original". Copy and paste the entire message into an email message and send it to the Helpdesk ( We will continue to work with Google to resolve the problem.



"I've edited my web page to include images and links to other documents, but after the deployment the images and documents aren't found. What do I need to do?"

If you have created a web page and have uploaded images and documents onto the web server, it is important to approve those files. Go to your documents folder or your images folder and approve each file that you uploaded. Then, during the next deployment, your images and documents will be live on the web.

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