January/February 2009

Upcoming Training Sessions:

  • Excel Basics, 1/21
  • New Employee Technology Training, 1/21
  • Intro to Course Folders and Dropboxes (Files), 1/21
  • Collage Introduction, 1/22
  • Update to Collage Web Page Templates, 1/22
  • Finance Q&A Workshop (BYOW - Bring Your Own Work)
  • iPhone/iPod Touch Basics, 1/28, 2/3
  • Hunter Building Telephone Training, 2/2, 2/4
  • I have a Mac...now what? 2/4
  • Mobile Learning at ACU, 2/4
  • .....and much more!!!

For an up-to-date schedule, please visit the Training Center Website: http://www.acu.edu/training

New Website Templates are ready!
Have you been wondering when your department will have the new ACU look on your website? The answer is soon. Web Communication has made the change for several websites already. Visit our Google site to find out more about the process and schedule for moving from the old to the new. 

Open Labs Scheduled for Tuesday and Fridays
This semester, employees can take advantage of the open labs scheduled for each Tuesday and Friday during this semester. Open Labs are open on Tuesday from 2-5pm and on Friday from 2-5pm in the Adams Center Training Lab. Please register by using the link provided on the Training Center website: http://www.acu.edu/training

Registration for Training Sessions
If you are interested in attending any of the scheduled training sessions, please take a moment to register. If no one is registered, the class will be canceled and rescheduled for a later date. Training sessions with less than three employees may be rescheduled.

Employees can register online by going to the Training Center website (http://www.acu.edu/training) and clicking on the "Register here" link. Employees can select multiple classes by holding down the control key on the keyboard while using the mouse to select training sessions. You may also wish to bookmark the page directly (https://www3.acu.edu/training_signup).  If there is a training need in your department, please email those request to Kristy Strickland (stricklandk@acu.edu).

iPhone/iPod Touch Applications of the Month


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