November/December 2009

Upcoming Classes:

  • CS Gold Introduction - December 7
  • Managing University Records - December 7
  • New Employee Technology Training - December 8
  • MS Word Tips and Tricks - December 9
  • Intro to Discoverer - December 9
  • BYOW Open Lab (Bring Your Own Work) - December 10
  • MS Excel Tips and Tricks - December 11
  • Collage Web Publishing - December 14
  • Techno Tuesday and Friday - offered every week to provide one-on-one assistance with any of your technology needs.

New Training Class Offered

A new training class is being offered for all employees focusing on university records management. Dr. Carisse Barryhill and Chris Riley will take you through this new process. You will learn why and how your department should develop a plan for managing its records according to ACU's new Records Management Policy.

The first session of "Managing University Records" will be held on Monday, December 7, from 3-4 p.m. in the Adams Center Classroom. This session will be repeated monthly during the spring semester.

Snow Leopard Information

Technology Support is in the process of testing Apples newest operating system, Snow Leopard. An official announcement will be made regarding support soon.

iPhone Data Roaming Causes Problems when Traveling Abroad

Normally, one experiences roaming charges overseas while talking on the phone, checking email, or browsing the web. However, if you travel overseas you will want to check your roaming options before you start your journey. It has been discovered that you don't necessarily have to talk on the phone or check your email to receive roaming charges on your bill. Apple will often send automatic updates to your device as you start an application.  Also, depending on your email settings, as soon as you turn on your phone, your device may start downloading messages without your request.

It is highly encouraged that you verify your roaming settings before you travel anywhere if you want to avoid outrageous roaming charges on your phone bill. To do so, iPhone users can check the data-roaming setting by following a few simple steps:

  • Click Settings
  • Click General 
  • Click Network 
  • Slide the data-roaming switch to off.

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Email Virus Warnings

Please remember that email viruses can come to your email Inbox in a variety of ways. Although our Anti-virus and Spam filtering will find most of these, invariably one or two will make its way to your Inbox. This holiday season, be on the lookout for email messages that ask you to open attachments, print certain UPS invoices, etc. All these could be signs of a virus. If you have any questions about email messages you receive, send a copy of the message and the header information to the Helpdesk and will be glad to investigate it for you.

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