Course Descriptions

Below you will find descriptions for all training sessions that are offered through the ACU Training Center. If you don't find what you are looking for, contact Ext. 2962. Each session is presented at least once in the fall and again in the spring. Depending on the need, classes may be repeated during a semester.

ACU, Taxes and You    

Learn about the variety of taxes that the University deals with and how it can potentially impact the employees.

Adjusting to Microsoft Office 2007 Products   

Whether it is Excel, Word, or PowerPoint, learn how 2007 is different that the older version and how this newer version can help you become more efficient!

Adjusting to Microsoft Office 2008 Products - for Macintosh Users   

Learn how Office 2008 changed and how this newer version can help you become more efficient!

Adobe Acrobat Pro - Creating Fill-In Forms   

Ever wonder how people create forms online that allow you to type information there on the screen? Attend this session to create your own online form.

Apple OSX 10.5 - Leopard Training   

In this session you will be introduced to the newest version of the OSX family. Apple representatives will be here to walk you through the enhancements of this product. Because this product has just been released (October 2007), Technology Support will test the product before we are ready to deploy it out to ACU owned Apple machines. Technology Support intends on supporting this version in the upcoming months. Watch the training newsletter for more information.

Banner 7 Introduction   

You will learn how to navigate through Banner. Banner is the main software application that ACU uses to track student, finance, alumni, and employee information. This course is a basic course designed for new employees. This course does not cover specific forms or modules.

Banner 7 - Finance   

This Banner Finance class is for users who are new to Banner Finance or for those who need a refresher on how to access the financial information they need in Banner.  The class will cover how to access your budget and expense information and how to interpret how much budget dollars you have available to spend.  In addition we will learn how to access the amount of available cash in a restricted fund.

Banner 7 - Student Q&A   

This is an open forum to discuss any questions you have about the Student module. Whether you are a new user or a seasoned user you will learn much from this open discussion.

Banner 7 - Student Registration   

This session will cover how to register students in the Banner Student system. Training will include how to enroll students in courses on SFAREGS (Student Course Registration form) and information on other related Banner screens.

Banner: Account Code Overview

In the account code overview class we will discuss the basic structure of our account codes in Banner and how to see what account codes are available to use.  In addition we will cover transfer entries between departments, transfer entries from restricted funds, and special situations of when and when not to use certain account codes.    

Banner: Accounting for Offices with Different Fiscal Periods than ACU

If your office does not have the same fiscal year period as ACU, this is the session for you. Learn the different processes that go along with non-ACU fiscal year budgets.

Banner Finance Q&A Workshop   

Bring your questions to this session and receive one-on-one help from the experts! This session is a recurring session that happens on the last Thursday of the month at 2pm.

Banner - Web Degree Evaluations

Learn how to run, read and understand degree evaluations and degree plans.

Blackberry Tips and Tricks   

If you have a blackberry, this is the class for you! Learn tips and tricks of the Blackberry and learn from each other! See what all the Blackberry can do for you in this informative session!

Blackboard Introduction   

This class will teach faculty how to navigate through Blackboard and how to use it for your classes.

Budgeting 101 - What is a Budget and Why Do I Need One?   

This course is intended to provide an overview of the budgeting process at ACU and how individual budgets fit into that process. Additionally, attendees will better understand how to read and understand their specific budgets. This year, the course will be offered on a one-on-one basis. To schedule a time to meet, or if you have any questions about this course, please contact Clint Buck ( or Ext. 2795).

BYOW (Bring Your Own Work) Open Lab   

Need help with a document? Need some fresh ideas on how to manage your data? Whatever it is, bring it with you in this one-on-one open lab and get the help you need to finish your project!

Camtasia Introduction   

Learn what Camtasia is and how it can help you create your first videos. This session will be the first part of a multi-session Camtasia course.

Calendar Introduction   

ACU uses Google for email and calendar services. This session will familiarize you with the new calendar system. You will learn how to create new calendars, share calendars and make appointments for yourself or others. You will also learn special features of this calendar system. Departments who wish to convert multiple calendars into Google should contact Kristy Strickland for an appointment. Training and calendar conversion will take place during the appointment.

Collage - Web Publishing   

If you update your departmental web pages, this is the class for you! Learn how to create, modify, and update your web pages.

Contracting 101   

Legal Services is now offering a session on ins and outs of contract procedures. You can also listen to the Contracting 101 podcast.

CS Gold - Door Access Management    

This class is for employees who manage door access for a building or lab. Specific access is needed before the training. Contact Kristy Strickland, Ext. 2962 if you need this training.

Degree Auditing   

The degree evaluation class is designed to provide an in-depth look at the on-line degree evaluation, including instructions on how to run it, how to interpret the results, what the special codes mean, and how to practically use it with students who are trying to meet degree requirements.

Discoverer Reports   

In this session, learn how to benefit from the use of Discoverer - a tool used to pull specific information from Banner to create reports your department needs. To manage the data, learn how convert it to an Excel spreadsheet.

Discoverer Reporting Updates   

After the July 2007 upgrade, learn how Discoverer has changed relating to student databases.

Discoverer: Student EUL   

This session will cover the type of workbooks that are available for Discoverer student. This class will include navigation, editing parameters, running queries and saving to Excel.

Easy Grade Pro   

This class is designed for Faculty members who need an easy way of managing classes and student grades. You will learn how to add classes, enter grades and configure a grading method that meets your needs. This product is supported by Educational Technology and Technology Support Services.

Files - the New File Storage System   

ACU has upgrade the file storage system that is available to all employees and students through myACU. This session will help you navigate through the new system in order to be prepared for the Fall 08 semester. Beta testing for selected classes will be available for the Summer 2 session.

GarageBand Introduction for Macintosh Users   

Learn how to effectively use GarageBand as it relates to podcasting. By the end of the session, you will know how to create a podcast from start to finish!

Gmail and Calendar Introduction   

ACU uses Google for email and calendar services. In this session, you will learn how the Gmail web interface works, how to import contacts and your mail messages into your new Gmail account. You will also learn how to make configurations changes if you choose to use an email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.). The first hour is a tutorial on the web interface. The second part of this session will be dedicated to Calendar training so that you become comfortable adding, editing and deleting appointments.

Gmail and Calendar Open Lab / Gmail Roundup   

The open lab is a come and go session where employees can receive one-on-one help from one of the Technology Support representatives. This is the time to get your questions answered, get help moving your email/calendar information or configuring your email client.

Google Docs Introduction   

Google Docs is another tool in the Google family that help you create and maintain spreadsheets or documents online in a collaborative environment. You will learn how to create shared documents and spreadsheets and how to manage them.


This training class will help you become familiar with the basic features of all of the products includes in the iLife Suite (iPhoto, Garageband, iTunes, iMovie, and iDVD).  Once completed you should understand the basic layout of each product which will help to jump start your ability to import, edit, or export video/audio content.

iPhone / iPod Touch Basics   

In this session you will learn the basics on how to use the iPhone or iPod Touch. You will also get a sneak preview of the ACU Mobi application our own developers created to use in the Fall 08 semester.

iPhone Tips and Tricks   

If you have a iPhone, this is the class for you! Learn tips and tricks of the iPhone and learn from each other! See what all the iPhone can do for you in this informative session!

Learn to Podcast with Podcast Producer   

Podcast Producer is an application that allows you to create a podcast and upload it into iTunes in one click. This session will show you just how easy it is for you to create your very own podcast.

Microsoft Office 2007   

Learn how this version has changed and the new features of Office 2007. Find out how it can simplify tasks and save you time. This session touches each Office application to show you the differences between the old and newer version.

Microsoft Office 2008   

The newest Macintosh version of Microsoft Office has now been release. Learn what has changed and what to expect in Office 2008.

Microsoft Access 2007   

Learn how to create databases, queries, forms and reports with Microsoft Access. This course has multiple classes to provide you with information and tips in regard to specific areas of the database.

Microsoft Excel 2007   

Excel can be used for a variety of things: simple databases, budget spreadsheets, and charting. This course has multiple classes to provide you with information and tips in regard to creating and maintaining efficient spreadsheets.

Excel - Advanced Tasks   

Learn how to add hyperlinks, share workbooks, and use custom AutoFill lists. You will also learn how to link, consolidate, and combine workbooks to reduce duplicate entries.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007   

Needing to create a presentation? Learn how to quickly create a PowerPoint presentation to go along with your speech. This course has multiple classes to provide you with information and tips in regard to creating a powerful presentations that your listeners will enjoy.

Microsoft PowerPoint - Finishing Your Presentation   

As you get ready to use your presentation, learn how to inspect it by using the Document Inspector. In this session, you will also learn to share your presentations as well as create a workspace for you and others to work on the presentation as a team.

Microsoft Word 2007   

Learn everything from creating simple documents to mail merges and brochures to publications. This course has multiple classes to provide you with specific areas of interest in regards to word processing. 

Microsoft Word - Working with Advanced Graphics and Objects   

Learn how to use watermarks, quick parts, SmartArt, text boxes and much more!

Microsoft Project - Introduction   

Need help planning a project? Learn how easy you can create and track your own business or personal project plan.

Microsoft Project - Advanced   

Now that you have the basics down, learn how you can do more with Project.

myACU 2.0   

The myACU portal was upgraded in August 2007. This session will help you familiarize yourself with the new features of myACU 2.0. Learn how to add tabs, gadgets, tools, and use all your space!

Payroll: Policies and Procedures   

Learn the policies and procedures surrounding the payroll department at ACU.

Photoshop Introduction   

Create and modify images through simple editing techniques.

Photoshop Intermediate   

This session is a hands-on, project-based exploration of Adobe Photoshop. Participants will practice new features and build upon the foundation skill sets understood in Photoshop Introduction. (Photoshop Introduction is required before attending this session.)

Podcasting Introduction   

Learn what podcasting is and where to start in this beginner's session.

Purchasing Card: Policies and Procedures   

The Accounts Payable department will teach you the policies and procedures that relate to paying invoices, using a purchasing card, and much more.

Techno Tuesday and Techno Tuesday on Friday   

These open lab sessions are held weekly to help employees with web publishing as well as multimedia needs. The sessions are held in the Adams Center Faculty Training Lab where experienced student employees are available to help you one-on-one.

Technology Forum   

Do you have great technology ideas? Come to this session and share your thoughts or get your questions answered by our own Technology Support Team. We would love to hear from you.

Treo Tips and Tricks   

If you own a Treo, join us for a tips and tricks session to help you become more familiar with your smart phone. Learn from the Technology Support Reps who have used Treos and learn from each other!

University Purchasing   

Learn the policies, processes, and procedures that are related to buying things for the University.

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