Virus Software

ACU provides virus scanning software for its students to use both on-campus and at home.  Keep in mind that installing anti-virus software will help to protect your computer.  If you already have active anti-virus software on your machine you don't need to install the following protection.  If you want to use this software you must uninstall all other anti-virus programs before you continue.

Provided Software

  1. Windows OS -  Sophos Virus Scan
  2. Macintosh OS - Sophos Virus Scan

If you have questions about our virus software please visit the Sophos FAQs page.  You can also find instructions on how to install Sophos and links to download the software by clicking on the following link.

If you need any help installing or removing anti-virus software please feel free to contact the Team55 Office at 325-674-5555 or stop by our PitStop in the Learning Commons.  We have support individuals on staff who can walk you through both the installation and removal process.

Note: Off-campus installations are not done by Team55.

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