On-Campus Printing

Uniprint - Student Printing Services

As a student you will receive a $15 printing credit at the beginning of each semester.  Every time you print in a lab the computer determines who you are and will charge against your printing balance.

How do I set up my personal computer to use the Uniprint system?

click on the appropriate link below:


Apple Computers Windows Computers


How do I know what my balance is?

Your Uniprint balance is always available on the Accounts and Balances space in myACU. The uniprint  information there should be updated almost instantly when it is affected.

What if I use up my printing balance?

When you try to print and are out of funds,  an application will pop-up asking you to add more money to your account in increments of $5, $10, and $15.

How much do the prints cost?

Departments set the prices for each of their printers but in most cases Black & White prints will cost $0.10 per page while Color prints will cost $0.50 per page. If the prices are not posted, please contact the department for more information.

What if I want to print on the paper that I have purchased?

Do not add your own paper to any printer on campus without the prior approval of the department that owns the printer.  We recommend that you visit the CopyCat in the Learning Commons if you would like to have something printed on special paper.

Can I get my Uniprint balance back?

No, if you do not use your printing balance entirely the remaining amount will be cleared out when the next semester begins (Fall / Spring & Maymester / Summer.  Any amount you purchase will always roll over while you are a student.

It is not possible to get a refund on any Uniprint printing credit purchases.

What if the printer doesn't print my job or it jams?

Call the Team55 office immediately and we will work with you to get your balance refunded if you were charged.  If a jam is not easily removed talk to the department that owns the printer.

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