Getting Started Guide

What kind of machine should I bring to campus?

Your choice of major best determines the type of computer you bring to school. Each department will have certain software and computer access that you will need to use. It would be best to mirror their computer and software standards.  Learn about our recommended minimum computer requirements.

ACU maintains a combination of Macintosh and Windows machines for students to use.  Please feel free to contact Team55 at (325) 674-5555 or if you have questions about what to buy.  We will try to assist you with finding the best machine to fit your needs.

Buying a New Computer

What Other Technology Should I Purchase?

  • An Ethernet cable for your residence hall room.
  • A USB Flash drive to store your data and keep your files portable from class to class.
  • A personal printer in case you want to print in your room instead of in the labs.
  • Microsoft Office so you can write papers and open documents from your professors.

Campus Technology

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