ACU provides over 700 lab machines for students to use while on campus.  Please refer to the table below to help locate these labs.  Each location is equipped with a HP Laserjet printer that is setup to charge against your printing balance.

Every residence hall has a 24-hour computer lab for its residents, and most departments have a computer lab available to their majors.  Access to these labs is determined by the residence hall or department.  Keep in mind that every departmental lab has specialized software to accomdate their area of study. 

Please refer to the campus map to locate these labs.

Residence Hall Labs
Departmental Labs
AD - Adams Hall Lab
6 computers (PC)
Agriculture – ZL100
25 Computers (PC)
ED - Edwards Hall Lab
20 computers (PC)
Art & Interior Design DM224
20 Computers (Mac)
GA - Gardner Hall Lab
35 computers (PC)
Art & Interior Design DM213
30 Computers (PC)
MA - Mabee Hall Lab
25 computers (PC)
Bible BSB114
20 Computers (PC)
MD - McDonald Hall Lab
10 computers (PC)
Business MBB316
60 Computers (PC)
MK - McKinzie Hall Lab
8 computers (PC)
Chemistry FS100
5(Mac) 5(PC)
MO - A.B. Morris Hall Lab
6 computers (PC)
Chemistry FS150
20 Computers (Mac)
NL - Nelson Hall Lab
10 computers (PC)
Chemistry FS151
20 Computers (Mac)
SM - Smith Hall Lab
6 computers (PC)
Computer Science
FS200 30(Sun)
SK - Sikes Hall Lab
10 computers (PC)
Education - EB
27 Computers (Mac)
Study Abroad - Oxford
11(Mac) 8(PC)
Education - CML - EB
3(Mac) 3(PC)
Open Labs
English - AD327
27 Computers (Mac)
BL - Library 1st Floor
30 computers (PC)
English - CH115
20 Computers (Mac)
BL - Library Commons
40 computers (PC)
Exercise Science - GB100
10 Computers (PC)
BL - Library 3rd Floor
40 computers (PC)
Journalism - DM307
15 Computers (Mac)
BL - Team55 Office
15 Laptops for Checkout
Journalism - DM302
15 Computers (Mac)
BL - Team55 Office
5 Computers (Mac)
Journalism - DM108
8(Mac) 1(PC)
MCG - Campus Center
5 Kiosk Stations
Music - WPAC232
10(Mac) 8(PC)