OpenClass Support

While every effort will be made to provide the best possible support for OpenClass, problems may arise.  If that happens, please initiate this process:

  1. Contact Team55 for the ACU Helpdesk:  phone 325-674-5555 or toll-free 1-888-588-4093, email, website You can expect a response from them within one business day.
  2. If Team55 is not able to solve your problem, they will refer you to OpenClass student support.

Please do keep your professor in the loop if technical issues arise.  They will be much more understanding about late or missing assignments if they know that you tried to use the course site but weren't able to access it.  "The computer ate my homework" is an acceptable excuse, but you need to demonstrate the steps you took to solve the problem along the way.

There are tutorial videos posted in the “Help” section of OpenClass, as well as on the Team 55 website. Click on your name in the OpenClass window, then on Help to access the OpenClass Knowledge Base. Video tutorials on the Team 55 website are available here.

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