Laptop Checkout

ACU has setup a new program that allows students to checkout a laptop in the Library while they are studying.  This program was developed to give students a way to work in groups and study without having to work in a lab or public environment.

Program Summary

Laptops are available for current students and faculty/staff to check out from the Team55 office for up to four hours and may only be renewed once per day as long as there is no one on the waiting list.  You are required to return the laptop no later than ONE hour before closing. Failure to return the computer on time will result in late fees of $5/hr with a maximum fine of $60.00, and possible suspension of borrowing privileges.  These machines may not be taken out of the Library and you may not keep them overnight.  You are responsible for the safe return of this equipment and are subject to fines for lost, stolen, or damaged items. 

What is on the laptop?

These laptops run the Windows XP operating system and the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).   Additionally, they are configured for wireless access to the campus network and you have access to a variety of web browsers for research.  The printers are setup on these machines so your printing balance is charged once you send a job to the printers.


It is important that you never leave the laptop alone while you have it checked out.  You are responsible for the safe return on the machine and must keep an eye on it at all times.

Saving Your Work

Always make for sure that you save your work to your email, home folder, or flash drive before you return the machine to Team55.  Once the machine is returned it is erased and your data cannot be recovered.  If you are unable to save your work please bring the machine to the Team55 office for assistance.

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