Tips and Tricks

  1. Silence the Ringer
  2. Quickly Deleting Messages
  3. Favorites
  4. Assigning a Photo or Ringtone
  5. Magnifying to Edit Text
  6. Skipping to the top of a Webpage
  7. Playing your Music without unlocking the Phone
  8. Adding "Web Clips"
  9. Moving Icons and Web Clips
  10. Quick Typing Tips
  11. Zooming


Silence the Ringer

You can always silence the ringer on your iPhone by using the Vibrate/Ring Switch on the side of the phone. A orange dot on the switch indicates that the phone is in silent mode. If you forgot to turn off the phone, however, and the phone begins to ring you can quickly silence it by pressing the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the phone. Pressing the button once will just silence the ringer, pressing it twice will send the caller straight to voicemail. A very useful option if you phone begins to ring in the middle of class!

 Quickly Deleting Messages

You can quickly move through and delete any e-mails or SMS Text conversations by simply swiping your finger from left to right across the message, then confirming with the “Delete” button that appears


The favorites section of your phone is a great way to speed dial people. By default you can access your favorites by simply unlocking your phone and double clicking the Home button. You can add to your favorites list with the “+” button on the screen and move people  or delete them from the list with the “Edit” button.

 Assigning a Photo or Ringtone

To help identify which of your friends is calling you, you can assign a contact a specific ringtone or photo. When that person calls you the phone will ring with that tone and display that person’s picture. You can assign these by selecting that person in your contacts list and tapping the “Edit” button. Then simply select “Add Photo” or “Ringtone” and choose what you would like to show/play when that person calls.

 Magnifying to Edit Text

Sometimes you may find that you have typed an entire e-mail only to realize that you need to go back and make some changes at the beginning. No problem! Simply tap in the message where you want to edit and hold until a magnifying glass appears with a cursor. Move the cursor to the point that you want the edit and begin typing again.

 Skipping to the top of a Webpage

If you find yourself on a very large website and want to get back to the top of the site without having to scroll all the way back up simply tap the bar at the top of your screen with the AT&T and Battery logos. This should bring you all the way to the top where you can then type in a new site to view or begin browsing again from the top.

 Playing your Music without unlocking the Phone

With the device still locked, simply double-tap the home screen. A set of controls should appear at the top of the screen. Press play to have your device begin playing music from there the iPod last stopped playing.

 Adding “Web Clips”

A “Web Clip” is an Internet bookmark that you have placed on the home screen for easy access. To create a Web Clip, simply browse in Safari to the site you would like to bookmark and click the “+” symbol at the bottom of the screen. Next, select “Add to Home Screen”, then enter a name for the Web Clip. Then select “Add.” You should now have a bookmark to that page on your Home Screen. Tapping this will open Safari and take you to that page.

 Moving Icons and Web Clips

You can rearrange your Home Screen in any manner you wish. Simply tap and hold an icon on the screen until all the icons begin wiggling. At this point you can move the icons wherever you wish. If you move the icon to the edge of the screen you can place them on another page.  Your home screen can hold up to 9 different pages for a total of 148 Icons. That means you can add up to 131 Web Clips to your Home Screen!

 Quick Typing Tips

When typing on the keypad there are several features to help you type faster:

  • When ending a sentence, double-tap the Space key to insert a period followed by a space.
  • Tap the Shift key and slide your finger to the letter you want capitalized to insert a capital in one smooth motion
  • Learn to trust the auto-complete and suggestions. The iPhone/iPod Touch will often give suggestions on what you might be trying to type. Pressing Space or Return will insert the suggestion. You can always close the suggestion by tapping the “X” that appears next to it.


When browsing a website, viewing a picture or document, or looking at Maps you are able to zoom in and out in a few ways. Simply double-tapping a section of the page will zoom-in to that section. You can also zoom-in by “pinching out” on the screen. Place two fingers on the screen right next to each other, then slide them apart. Reversing this motion (“pinching in”) will zoom-out.

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