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ACU offers access to many things online. In response to the mobile learning initiative, ACU has developed an online section specifically for the iPhone or iPod touch, at

To get to this site simply browse in Safari to "". Do not worry about entering www. before the address.

You can log into with your ACU username and password. allows you to keep track of Meal Plans, Bean Bucks, Chapel Credits and more all from your iPhone or iPod touch from the "My Balances" section of "My Mobile."

  • ACU Mobile Main Tab
  • ACU Mobile myMobile Tab
  • ACU Mobile PocketGuide Tab
  • Add ACU Mobile to Your Home Screen

You can connect to Google’s mobile apps for access to your ACU Gmail, Google Docs, or Google Calendar. You can keep up with what classes you are in with "My Classes" and even stay connected with what is happening on campus and in your classes by viewing Academic and Campus Events.

Stay connected with these ACU Mobile tools:

  • Get directions to buildings on campus, complete with overhead maps.
  • Search the ACU directory to find phone extensions and email addresses for faculty and staff on campus.
  • Stay up to date with ACU news.
  • View both the ACU Academic and Events calendars.
  • Search for classmates to find their email address or dorm phone number.
  • Get information about chapel and learn about ACU.

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