Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I access myACU?
  2. Macintosh or Windows?
  3. Do I need my own printer?
  4. Computer access if I didn’t bring my own computer
  5. How can I find out my current classes schedule?
  6. I have a Cox Cable Modem and I can't log into myACU?
  7. What is my username?
  8. What is my password?
  9. What is my e-mail address?
  10. Can I change my username?
  11. ResNet FAQs

How do I access myACU?   

myACU can be accessed on any up-to-date modern web browser at

Is it better to have a Macintosh computer or a Windows computer?   

Your choice of major best determines the type of computer you bring to school. Each department will have certain software and computer access that you will need to use. It would be best to mirror their standards. ACU uses both Dell and Apple machines on campus.  Please visit our new computer site if you would like to view their online stores.

Do I need my own printer?   

Each student is given a $15 printing balance to spend on printing. The charge for printing on campus 10 cents a page that is black and white, and 50 cents a page with color. Once your $15 is used, you will be prompted to buy more funds with your student account when you attempt to print. You can see your current balance on myACU.

What kind of computer access will I have if I didn’t bring my own computer?   

There are computers available to students on the main floor of the library and in the various computer labs on campus, many of which are provided by the departments on campus. Labs on 

How can I find out my current classes schedule?   

The courses that you are enrolled in are available in myACU under the "My Courses" mini.  You can also check your schedule by clicking the Banner link in myACU.

I have a Cox Cable Modem and I can't log into myACU.   

Cox Internet service forces a proxy on each connection from a PC with a Microsoft operating system. For users to authenticate properly to, they must remove the proxy setting each time they connect. PC users need to click "Start", select "Run" and type "REGSVR32 URLMON.DLL". Macs and LINUX operating systems do not have to perform this fix.

What is my username?   

Usernames are designated account names for individual students. Each account name is based on the corresponding student's initials, the year the account was created, and followed by a random letter of the alphabet.  If you don't know your username, please visit our account info page.

What is my password?   

When an account is created, the password is the last 8 numbers on the back of your student ID card.  If your password is not working, please call the Team55 office at 325-674-5555.

What is my e-mail address?   

Your e-mail address uses your username in addition to "" as the extension. (i.e. Username: aaa00a, e-mail address:

Can I change my username?   

No. All students have the same type of username as described above.

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