Ethernet Instructions

ACU provides an Ethernet connection that allows users in-room Internet access 24 hours a day. Every hall has an Ethernet connection for each student in the room (with the exception of Sherrod Apartments). You will need a 10baseT Ethernet card installed on your computer and a category 5 Ethernet cable with RJ 45 connectors. There are NO additional charges for using the Ethernet connection in your room.

Warning: Do not plug your phone cable into an Ethernet jack; it could break your ResNet connection. Both ports look very similar but the phone jack is smaller. Check with a Team55 representative if you are not sure which port to plug into.

PC Instructions:

  1. Windows 7 (PDF format 0k)
  2. Windows XP (PDF format 16k) 
  3. Windows 98/95 (PDF format 72k)
  4. Windows ME (PDF format 104k)

Macintosh Instructions:

  1. Mac OS X (PDF format 12k) Mac OS 9 and older (PDF format 12k)

Find out why you should use a wired connection instead of a wireless connection.


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