Team55 Call Center

The Team 55 Call Center provides front-line technology support for faculty, staff, and students at ACU.  The Call Center is the communication hub for the Information Services department ensuring fast and accurate communication between our professional staff of programmers, software developers, system administrators, and you.

We are open well past normal business hours to maximize our interaction with students. The Call Center has the same hours as the Library.  View a list of our open hours.  If it is after our normal open hours please feel free to call the office and leave us a voice message.  Our support personel will contact you as soon as possible. 

Who is the Call Center?

When you call the Call Center, you will talk with one of our trained student workers who is more than happy to help you with whatever technical problem you may have.

How do I contact the Call Center?

You can call us at 325-674-5555 or e-mail us at

Why would I need to call?

We always welcome phone calls and would be happy to help you out in any way that we can.  Most people call us for:

  • Assistance with all ACU login accounts
  • Using your Files (personal disk space)
  • Using your e-mail account
  • Printing help in computer labs
  • Phone and Voicemail troubleshooting (including
  • University Park residents)
  • Cable TV troubleshooting
  • Assistance with ResNet connections and setup
  • Basic computer troubleshooting
  • Virus Software and assistance with Virus clean-up
  • Spyware Software and assistance with Spyware Removal
  • TESA Lock Access
  • Long distance service

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