Basic Technology Troubleshooting

Several Quick Fix Tips:

  • First rule of troubleshooting
    • Reboot. Rebooting your computer will resolve most problems and should always be the first step of troubleshooting.
  • What browser & version is being used?
    • ACU online resources will not work correctly with the AOL/CompuServe browsers and some pages may not display properly in Opera or other browsers. Clients must use Microsoft Internet Explorer (6+), Safari (2+), or Firefox (2+).
  • Are you getting any Network connectivity?
    • Make sure the client can visit other web pages and/or has a valid IP Address.
  • Quick Browser Fixes
    • Clear your browser's Cookies
    • Clear your browser's Cache
    • Ensure that your browser is setup to accept cookies.
  • Check for Updates
    • It is important that you are always using the newest version of your web browser or other programs like iTunes, Flash, Java, and your operating system.

Make sure you're using the correct information:

  • For Blackboard, Email, and myACU,use your username in lower case letters only & your password
    • Do not use the when entering your info.
  • For Banner Web, use your Banner ID # and six-digit birth date

If you are still having trouble accessing an ACU online resource, please contact Team55 (325-674-5555) for assistance.

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