Uniprint Setup - Apple Computer

You can setup your computer to print to the campus lab printers by following the directions below.  You must be running Mac OSX 10.5 or higher.

Step 1:  Find the printer and write down the printer name and model number (this will be on paperwork attached to the machine). 

Step 2:  Install the Popup and Notify applications.

Step 3:  Add the printer to your printing list.

Step 4:  Print a document and enter your ACU username and password when prompted to do so.

Where are the printers that I can print to?

Here is a list of the printers that you can print to from your personal computer.  There are other student printers across campus but they are set up for printing from the lab machines.  If you are in one of those locations, you can email the document to yourself or use a flash drive in order to get the files moved to a lab machine.



Printer Name

Printer Model

Adams Hall LabADAMS_1

HP 4250

Edwards Hall Room 108ED108_1

HP 4015n

Edwards Hall Room 243ED243_1

HP 4015n

Gardner Hall West LobbyGDEast_1

HP 4015n

Gardner Hall East LobbyGDWest_1

HP 4015n

Library Main FloorBL-Main-BWL1HP P4515N
Library Main FloorBL-Main-BWL2HP P4515N
Library Main FloorBL-Main-ColorHP CP5525
Library Lower FloorBL-Lower-BWL1HP 4100
Library Upper FloorBL-Upper-BWL1HP 4250
Library Upper FloorBL-Upper-BWL3HP 4250
Library Upper FloorBL304_BWL1HP P4010
Library Upper FloorBL304_Color_1HP CP5220
Mabee Hall LobbyMBLobby_1

HP 4015n

McDonald Hall LobbyMD_p1

HP 4015n

Mckinzie LobbyMKLobby_1

HP 4015n

Morris Hall Room 109MR_p1HP 4015n

Nelson Hall


HP 4015n

Sikes Hall Room 119SK119_1

HP 4015n

Smith Hall Computer LabSMITH_1

HP 4100

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