Current Networking Services Projects

  •   Soccer/Softball Field House- Spring, 2009
  • As part of the project to build a field house for the Woman's Soccer and Softball programs, Networking Services is installing wired and wireless data connectivity, telephone connectivity, and cable television connectivity for this new facility.

  • Replacement of Card Access Hardware - Spring, 2009
  • The project includes replacing hardware, that interconnects electronic door access readers with the servers because this hardware is no longer supported by the manufacture.  This is the first year of a three year process to replace this hardware.

  • Wireless Network for Green Spaces - Spring 2009;
  • Green Spaces are defined as the outdoor areas on campus.  In 2007, ACU installed wireless network connectivity for the central mall area bound by Moody to the north, Bible Bldg to the east, McKinzie Hall to the south, and the Library to the west.  In 2009, Networking Services will be installing wireless network connectivity to areas such as Jacob's Dream, the Intramural fields, and on-campus outdoor sports venues.

  • Wired Network Upgrade - Spring/Summer/Fall 2009

Networking Services will be upgrading all wired network switches to increase uplink bandwidth and keep current with supported hardware that comprises the campus wired network.

  • Wireless Network Enhancements - Summer 2009

In preparation of a sophomore class with converged media devices, Networking Services will focus efforts to enhance sophomore residence halls with a wireless network that is geared toward capacity.  Networking Services will also be completing wireless installations in all learning spaces.

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