Don't use ACU usernames/passwords for non-ACU accounts


You use your ACU password for your Yahoo email, your MSN Messenger, your account and your Weatherbug account and probably every other Internet account you have. This makes it so much easier for you to remember your passwords, and makes your life less complicated.

There is just one problem with the above scenario. Having only one password for everything is like being able to use the same lock for your home, car, office and safe deposit box. If one lock gets picked, all of them are vulnerable. In the same way if only one of your passwords gets compromised, all of your accounts will be wide open to the intruder. All of your email, your on-line purchases, your office and home computers and more importantly, an intruder has gained a foothold behind another layer of ACU's security.


It has been estimated that "80% of all network security problems are caused by bad passwords." To check the strength of your password, try one similar to your password at's Password Strength Meter . also has some very good do's and dont's about picking good passwords.

Another site with some good information about choosing a password is has some good information about how to spot someone trying to get you to tell them your password. This is also known as phishing.

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