Install Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware


During the past year, Sophos identified and provided protection for an average of 1,200 new viruses each month.  During the same period Sophos estimated that on average one in every 25 emails contained a virus.  According to X it is estimated that 75% of home users with Internet connectivity have some form of spyware on their computer. 

Most Internet users agree that virus protection is necessary, but having an anti-virus isn’t sufficient.  As the figures identified by Sophos detail, new viruses are constantly being released.  At a rate of 40 viruses or variants a day, the minute an anti-virus software is installed, it is out of date.  Obtaining a subscription service to receive regular updates is necessary to keep virus protection effective. 

It should be noted that just because one has an updated anti-virus software doesn’t mean they will not get a virus.  Because of the lag in identifying a virus or variant and releasing an update for it, it is quite possible that a computer can be infected.

As for Spyware, in the last year it has moved from the realm of a nuisance to an full blown problem.  This move was signaled by Microsoft’s purchase of the anti-spyware software Giant. 


ACU has purchased a site license of Sophos’ anti-virus software.  All new computers have Sophos preconfigured, and updates are pushed to each computer at least once a day.  For users who need anti-virus software for home computers, ACU can supply the Sophos anti-virus to be installed.  Home users can also received regular updates with Sophos’ Remote Update software.  Home users can also download a free version of AVG Anti-Virus from 

For anti-spyware software, check out Ad-aware from or Spybot Search and Destroy from PepiMK Software from  Mircosoft has their Windows AntiSpyware beta version available at

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