Networking Services

Networking Services manages the communication networks that interconnect the campus with the rest of the world. These networks fall into three categories; the voice network, the data network, and the video network. With a staff of highly dedicated and skilled professionals, Networking Services continuously evaluates existing processes, emerging trends, and the latest innovations to identify efficiencies and opportunities to improve ACU's communication experience.

The Voice Network
ACU operates and maintains its own telephone system that supports 3,500 telephone lines which receive or initiate 40,000 calls a month. The voice network also includes the campus voice mail system, the E911 emergency location identification system, and the coordination with local and regional service providers that connect ACU with the rest of the world.

The Data Network
ACU administrates a data network that interconnects over 5,000 computers with administrative and academic systems along with the Internet. An emerging element of the data network is the importance of a secure computing environment. For this reason, Networking Services is dedicated to managing network connectivity and promoting user education to limit exposure of university resources, students, faculty, and staff.

The Video Network
Network Services administrates the university's 40 channel cable television system. With cable TV connections in each residence hall room, labs, and smart classrooms, the video network offers an opportunity to use video resources in many facets of learning. Networking Services employs four satellite dishes to pull in additional video content, such as teleconferences.

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