Other Experts

Mobile-Learning Organizations

  •  A 21st Century Education
    film series by the Mobile Learning Institute (sponsored by Nokia and the Pearson Foundation), profiling individuals who embrace fresh approaches to learning and who confront social challenges that are part of a 21st century experience
  • Apple Learning Interchange
    community of educators sharing their own iPod- and iTunes-enhanced lessons and activity ideas
    Consortium for Innovation & Research in Converged Learning, a global community of practice for educators engaged in mobile learning practice and research. Cofounded by ACU, Birmingham City University, and the University of Oxford.
  • ECAR
    EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research, aimed to foster better decision making by conducting and disseminating research and analysis about the role and implications of information technology in higher education
    nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology
  • Handheld Learning
    organization focused on learning and teaching practice enhanced by the use of mobile and ubiquitous technologies
  • Kaleidoscope
    European research network shaping the scientific evolution of technology enhanced learning
  • Learning2Go
    largest collaborative mobile learning project for pupils in the UK
  • Learning in Hand
    educator resources by Tony Vincent, internationally recognized independent consultant in mobile learning and former elementary school teacher 
  • M-Learning.org
    Tribal's UK-based specialist educational software team, sharing strategic advice and support with mobile pedagogy and technologies
  • Marc Prensky - Writing
    a list of mobile-learning books and articles by Marc Prensky, internationally acclaimed speaker, writer, consultant, and designer in education and learning
  • My Classroom
    a community of students, teachers, parents and others who share their experiences with new mobile technologies for use in informal and formal education




  • ACU Connected blog
    project of ACU's Adams Center for Teaching and Learning, providing students and faculty with tools to support the way we live, work and learn
  • Duke Digital Initiative (DDI) blog
    experimentation, development and implementation of new and emergin technologies to explore their effective use in support of the university's mission
  • The Fischbowl
    personal blog of Karl Fisch, secondary math teacher and director of technology at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado, USA
  • From Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Learning
    a conversation about integrating student cell phones into classroom curricula
  • Gizmodo
    the blog on gadget innovations 
  • Ignatia Webs
    eLearning tech tales with social media in low resource and mobile settings, by Inge de Waard, eLearning coordinator and researcher at the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, Belgium
  • iLearn Technology
    edublog about integrating technology into the classroom
  • It's About Learning
    putting learning first in the teaching and learning discussion, a blog by Dwayne Harapnuik, director of faculty enrichment at ACU
  • MLearning Africa
    news, projects and research about mobile learning in Africa, sponsored by the Shuttleworth Foundation and the Meraka Institute 
  • mLearning blog
    David Schrag's blog on information, news and interesting interviews on mobile learning and micro learning
  • m-learning is good
    mobile learning, e-Learning, and mobile devices
  • mLearning Trends
    personal blog of Robert Gadd, president and chief mobile officer for OnPoint Digital, a Georgia-based ISV developing online and mobile learning solutions for the enterprise
  • mLearning-World
    education for the iPod generation
  • mLearnopedia
    content community that collects and organizes the best information on mobile learning from around the Web
  • The Mobile Learner
    learning and teaching with handheld devices, a blog by Rob De Lorenzo, vice-principal of the Toronto Catholic District School Board 
  • Mobile Learning blog
    blog about mobile learning and mobile technology related to learning
  • Mobile Libraries
    services provided by libraries within mobile environments
  • Mobilearn
    a blog by m-learning.org
  • Mobilearner
    a blog by Rolf Steier, a designer, researcher, and Fulbright Scholar in Oslo, Norway, exploring children's mobile phone use in public spaces looking for learning opportunities 
  • Slashdot
    news for nerds. stuff that matters.
  • Ubiquitous Thoughts
    thoughts and ideas about mobile learning by Mark van `t Hooft of the Research Center for Educational Technology at Kent State University
  • uLearning Blog
    near-future directions for 21st century educators
  • Upside Learning
    blog by Upside Learning Solutions, a global learning & technology solutions company, about innovation, design, development and trends in learning solutions
  • The Xplanation Blog
    education technology blog, sponsored by XPlana


White Papers

The State of Mobile Learning
Students using iPhones in classroom discussion
So much about the way we teach, learn and communicate is up for grabs. Educators are using new tools and technologies to reach their students - but what does the future hold?

2010-2011 Mobile Learning Report

2010-11 Report (PDF)

2009-2010 Mobile Learning Report

2009-10 Report (PDF)

2008-2009 Mobile Learning Report