Mobile Learning Fellows Research - 2013

Cognition and the Impact of Digital Literacy on the Learning Process

Researcher(s): Dr. Robert McKelvain, professor of psychology and researcher-in-residence at ACU's Adams Center for Teaching and Learning 




Active mobility: Using mobile devices and social media to facilitate learning practices

Researcher(s): Dr. Stephen Baldridge, LMSW, assistant professor of social work and director of B.S.S.W program




Designing for Augmented Reality Interfaces to Enhance Art Student Performance: A Comparison of Learning Platforms

Researcher(s): Kenny Jones, professor of art




Authoring and Use of a General Science iBook for Pre-Service Elementary School Teachers: a Collaborative iPad Project

Researcher(s): Dr. Cynthia Powell, assistant professor of chemistry




The Addictions of Connectivity: Spirituality and Well-Being Correlates of iPhone and Facebook Usage

Researcher(s): Dr. Richard Beck, professor of psychology and department chair




Mobile Data Mining: Beyond Mobile Computing Surveys –Pattern Analysis and Process Automation