The 2011 Institute was a success with dozens of educators participating.  One session was geared toward elementary and the other toward secondary education. In each week-long summer session, K-12 teachers learned how to use technology to support learning for this generation, created lessons to develop 21st century skills, reviewed best practices and set realistic implementation goals with ACU teacher education faculty and other expert facilitators who specialize in mobile learning. These K-12 educators will receive continued coaching, guidance and troubleshooting throughout the school year from ACU technology integration specialists and through interaction in ACU's online K-12 Institute community.

Dates have not been confirmed for the 2012 summer session.  We recommend that participating K-12 teachers attend the summer sessions in teams from each school, enabling them to support one another as they implement mobile-learning techniques in their own classrooms during the school year.

Creating Classrooms that Prepare Students for their World
K-12 Digital Learning Institute
"It's not about the technology." Bob Murphy, Westlake High School.