Dr. Phil Schubert

Dr. Phil Schubert is the 11th president of Abilene Christian University. Previously, he served as executive vice president at ACU and was responsible for the development and coordination of university-wide strategic planning as well as the oversight of operational areas including ACU’s admissions and recruiting, marketing, university relations, finance, information services, facilities and human resources.

During his 16 years on campus, he has served as vice president for finance and administration, chief financial officer, director of financial operations, director of student financial services and development officer. Prior to coming to ACU, he worked for the accounting firm of Arthur Andersen & Co.

He oversees Abilene Christian’s mobile-learning initiative, which has helped ACU become acclaimed by industry and higher education experts around the world as an example of forward-thinking institutions and organizations. Recently, ACU was named an Apple Distinguished Program for its work to understand the impact of mobility in education, to discover and create new ways to make learning more engaging, and to develop new teaching resources allowing teachers and learners to leverage mobility through the iPad, iPhone and iPod.

In 2008, ACU was the first university to provide an iPhone or iPod touch to all incoming freshmen. All faculty and full-time undergraduate students were provided these mobile devices in 2011, integrating technology and learning in and out of the classroom. ACU is a research partner with Alcatel-Lucent’s Bell Labs and Cambridge University Press in the use of iPads and digital textbooks.

Schubert received his B.B.A. in accounting from ACU, an M.B.A. from Duke University and an Ed.D. in higher education management from the University of Pennsylvania.

The State of Mobile Learning
Students using iPhones in classroom discussion
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