Dr. James Ponce

A leader in cutting-edge instructional technology and student-centered, inquiry-based learning, James J. Ponce, Ed.D. has infused McAllen ISD with a focus on rigor in teaching and learning, while simultaneously leveraging all resources—encompassing classroom and central staff, business and community partnerships, and international giants in business and higher education. That focus has led to the development of TLC3 - Transforming Learning in the Classroom, Campus, and Community, a game changer that is revolutionizing the way students are prepared for the 21st Century. Through TLC3, students are engrossed in a world of incredibly thought-provoking, discussion-igniting learning experiences—igniting inquiry in the classroom, integrated technology, higher-level thinking, and creativity, and prompting students to delve deeper into issues at all levels and in all subjects.

Dr. Ponce’s leadership, team-building, and global-thinking style has garnered state and national recognition for the District, including spotlights in an international and state publications, as well as numerous invitations for staff presentations. Dr. Ponce has recently joined the TASA Visioning Network (TVN), which leads a statewide initiative to develop innovative, next-generation learning standards, assessments, and accountability systems for Texas Public Schools. Other leadership roles include his involvement in the TASA Communications and Technology Group and Tech Prep Board of Directors/Rio Grande Valley Partnership.

Dr. Ponce is noted for the manner in which he strengthens and builds staff leadership capacity through extensive instructional/leadership training for the CEO’s (campus principals), new Campus Instructional Leadership Teams, through the development of an Institute for Aspiring Principals, and for the development of new parent-outreach efforts, including the transitioning of families into their new schools well before a child moves through the feeder system. 

Dr. Ponce holds a Bachelor of Business Administration-Finance degree, Management Certification, Master’s in Educational Administration, and Doctorate in Educational Administration.

The State of Mobile Learning
Students using iPhones in classroom discussion
So much about the way we teach, learn and communicate is up for grabs. Educators are using new tools and technologies to reach their students - but what does the future hold?

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