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2:15 pm - 3:15 pm Monday, February 28

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An Education Revolution: Teaching the Millennials
Gus Vasilakis, Vice President of Enterprise Sales, Alcatel-Lucent
Cullen Auditorium

Never before in human history has a generation grown up with the wide variety of connected devices and instantaneous communications as our digital native "Millennials" have. Educators are now in the unenviable position of competing for - and winning - the attention of these students. This presentation will provide, through case studies and examples, an overview of the solutions that Alcatel-Lucent and Bell Laboratories have created which leverage social media, video conferencing, interactive whiteboard collaboration, augmented reality and digital textbooks to help a university evolve or revolutionize their pedagogical practices.

Gus Vasilakis is the Vice President of North American Sales for the Enterprise Division of Alcatel-Lucent. In this role Gus is responsible for Enterprise Data, Voice, Wireless, Security, and Video product sales. Gus’ sales organization includes geographical teams that cover the 50 states in addition to vertically-focused sales teams that engage Healthcare and Education institutions, creating strategic alliances and customized solutions.



Introducing: The AT&T Learning Studio
Presented by Xavier Williams, Senior Vice President, AT&T
AT&T Learning Studio - Brown Library 3rd floor

Join AT&T and ACU in a ribbon-cutting ceremony and tour as we celebrate the opening of the AT&T Learning Studio, located upstairs in the Brown Library on the campus of ACU. The new AT&T Learning Studio will support students and faculty as they explore the way we live, learn, and communicate in a digital world. The Learning Studio provides students and faculty a place to develop new ideas, approaches or mobile learning solutions and share them with a global audience.

As AT&T's Senior Vice President – Public Sector & Healthcare, Xavier Williams is responsible for supporting state & local government, education and healthcare clients across the country. He was appointed to his current position in March 2008.

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The State of Mobile Learning
Students using iPhones in classroom discussion
So much about the way we teach, learn and communicate is up for grabs. Educators are using new tools and technologies to reach their students - but what does the future hold?
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