ACU Connected Open House Conferences

Spring 2012 Connected Open House (PDF)
Hosted by Abilene Christian University
April 4-5, 2012

The Spring 2012 ACU Connected Open House event provides the opportunity to collaborate with ACU faculty, staff and students involved in ACU's mobile learning initiative. Topics center around the pedagogical use of smartphones and tablets with a special interest in digital textbooks. Discussion is driven by the specific interests of the participants in a customized agenda. Time will be given to exploring the infrastructure and deployment logistics necessary for a pervasive mobile program in addition to pedagogical usage.

The Spring 2012 Connected Open House is a free event, however, reservations are required.

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The State of Mobile Learning
Students using iPhones in classroom discussion
So much about the way we teach, learn and communicate is up for grabs. Educators are using new tools and technologies to reach their students - but what does the future hold?

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