Exploring Mobile Learning Online Conference

On July 16, 2009, we held the first of ACU’s Connected Online conference series.  This conference, entitled Exploring Mobile Learning, is intended for educators and technologists who explore the potential of converged mobile media devices, such as the iPhone, as educational tools both in and out of the classroom.

We explored the opportunities and challenges of hypermobile computing in the 21st century.  The conference covered material not previously covered in ACU's Connected Summit conference, but extended and expanded on the ideas and work presented in at Connected Summit in February 2009.

You can view podcasts of each session listed below.  If you would like to be contacted about future Connected conferences please let us know.

ACU Connected Online Conference, July 16, 2009:

 Gutenberg, McLuhan, Jobs: Why mobile learning? (View Podcast)
Presented by Bill Rankin of Abilene Christian University

Some see great promise in mobile devices like the iPhone while others see these devices as a threat to learning. Does the all-the-time/everywhere learning offered by mobility present an opportunity for solving some of the problems facing education today or is it a technological dead-end? This panel offers a historical perspective that may surprise you.
 Lessons from mobile-learning campuses (View Podcast)
Presented by John Bentley, Michael Plyler and Mark Scott of Freed-Hardeman University, George Saltsman & Josh Tooley of ACU

Large-scale mobile learning initiatives provide valuable lessons—both expected and unexpected. In this panel, you’ll hear from two schools that have launched major mobility programs, discovering what went well, what they’d do differently, and what took them by surprise.

Perspectives on ACU’s mobile-learning initiative  (View Podcast)
Presented by Scott Perkins of ACU

Some dismiss the social aspects of mobility as a mere distraction, but research conducted at ACU demonstrates that social interactions play an important role in mobile learning and also explores how device capabilities can impact results. This panel shares student and faculty perspectives and demonstrates the need for ongoing research and support.

 Teaching tools & applications (View Podcast)
Presented by Mark Scott of Freed-Hardeman University, Michael Casdorph of Medical College of Georgia, and James Langford of ACU

Mobile devices offer new ways of interacting in and out of class to leverage everywhere/all-the-time learning. In this panel, presenters will walk you through software solutions they’ve developed for their schools, discussing design and utility considerations and future directions they see for mobile educational applications.

Podcasting, Learning Resources & beyond  (View Podcast)
Presented by Luis Molina of Miami Dade College & Kyle Dickson of ACU

This panel will discuss how podcasting, Web 2.0, and other technologies can reach students in new ways within the mobile-enabled classroom environment.


Digital Roundtable: How mobility changes teaching & learning  (View Podcast)
Moderated panel open to all conference participants & presenters

As mobility becomes an increasingly common fixture on campuses, it will bring a new set of expectations, processes, techniques, and possibilities. In this open roundtable, we'll invite participants to share what they're thinking, what they're wondering, and what they've discovered about how mobility impacts education.

 Mobility in K-12  (View Podcast)

Presented by Susan Wells of Culbreth Middle School
Pervasive use of mobile devices in K-12 was recently placed on the 2 to 3 year timeframe in the Horizon Report. This panel will offer you a glimpse of what’s happening at two groundbreaking K-12 schools to make mobility a reality today.
The State of Mobile Learning
Students using iPhones in classroom discussion
So much about the way we teach, learn and communicate is up for grabs. Educators are using new tools and technologies to reach their students - but what does the future hold?

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