Phone Service

  1. Basic Telephone Service 
  2. Local Calling Area 
  3. Dialing Information 
  4. Long Distance/Operator Assisted Calls
  5. Campus Conference Calls
  6. Learn How to Use Voicemail

Basic Telephone Service   

ACU provides a touch-tone telephone line with local and long distance service with an authorization code and operator-assisted long-distance capability. Its is important to ensure that the display name on your phone is correct so the campus operator can direct calls to the correct location.  If you need to change your display name please contact the Helpdesk at 325-674-4357.

ACU provides both digital and analog phone lines to the campus.  If you need to purchase an new instrument or install a new phone connection please review our pricing pages.

Local Calling Area   

Your unlimited local calling area includes calls to all university numbers and to Albany, Anson, Baird, Blackwell, Bradshaw, Buffalo Gap, Caps, Clyde, Crews, Eula, Hamby, Hamlin, Hawley, Hodges, Lawn, Lueders, Maryneal, Merkel, Nolan, Noodle, Nubia, Oplin, Ovalo, Potosi, Putnam, Roby, Roscoe, Rotan, Shep, Stamford, Sweetwater, Trent, Truby, Tuscola, Tye, View, Wingate, and Winters.

Dialing Information   

Area codes, time zones, country codes, and city codes are listed in the Southwestern Bell Telephone Directory. A phone book is available for your office. See the Helpdesk Office if you would like one.

  • Campus Calls -> Dial the last four digits of the number.
  • Local Calls -> Dial 9 + the 7-digit phone number.

Long Distance/Operator Assisted Calls   

  • You may use your department long distance code by dialing 16, the long distance PIN number, and then 9+1+10 digit number.
    • You may take advantage of 1+ dialing which allows you make long distance calls without having to enter the code between 8am to 5pm.  You must contact the Helpdesk to get this feature setup.
  • Dial 9 + 0 - to bill an operator-assisted call
    • Use a calling card. You may not use a calling card listing your telephone number.
    • Use a non-university third party phone number.

Conference Calls   

ACU provides their employees two ways to make conference calls:
  • You can make a three person conference call directly from your on campus digital phone (analog phones do not have this capability).  Call the first member of your group and switch over to your second line to call the other person (which puts your first member on hold) and once you make a connection simply hit the conference button.
  • When you need to hold a large conference call that includes off campus users we have a customized conference line available.  All you have to do is call the campus operator (x2000) to schedule time on the line and she will provide you with information on how to get into the system.
    • NOTE:  If you need a special conference phone for this event you need to contact the Helpdesk (x4357) a week in advance to get a ticket entered for Network Services.  Be ready to provide a FOAP for the setup of this equipment.
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