Lab Locations and Software Procedures

ACU provides over 700 lab machines for students to use while on campus.  Please refer to the table below to help locate these labs.  Each location is equipped with a HP Laserjet printer that is setup to charge against a student's printing balance.

Access to these labs is determined by the residence hall or department.  Keep in mind that every departmental lab has specialized software to accomodate their area of study.  Locate these labs in the table below.

Due Dates for Lab Software Changes

  • Fall - June 15th
  • Spring - December 1st
  • Summer - March 1st
  • In order to make a change to a lab image you must complete the lab change request form.
    • Documentation of licenses must be provided for software installations to be completed, and licenses must be purchased for the entire lab.

Please refer to the campus map to locate these labs.

Residence Hall Labs

Number of Machines

AD - Adams Hall5 PCs
ED - Edwards Hall0
GA - Gardner Hall0
MA - Mabee Hall0
MD - McDonald Hall4 PCs (Distributed)
MK - McKenzie Hall2 PCs (Distributed)
MO - A.B. Morris Hall0
NL - Nelson Hall5 PCs
SM - Smith Hall5 PCs
SK - Sikes Hall0
Study Abroad - Oxford2 Macs

Departmental Labs

Agriculture - ZL 10019 PCs
Art & Int Design - DM 22425 Macs
Art & Int Design - DM 21323 PCs
Bible - BSB 11421 PCs
Business - MBB 31541 PCs
Business - MBB 30213 Dual-Boot Macs
Business - MBB 31722 PCs
Business - MBB 31419 PCs
Business - MBB 21411 PCs
Chemistry - FS 15018 Tablet PCs
Chemistry - FS 15118 Tablet PCs
Chemistry - FS 1545 Macs; 6 PCs
Education - EB 11225 PCs & Macs
Education - CML - EB3 Macs; 4 PCs
English - AD 32727 Macs
English - CH 12021 Macs
Journalism - DM 30716 Macs
Journalism - DM 30216 Macs
Journalism - DM 1108 Macs
Music - WPAC 23210 Macs; 7 PCs
Math - FS 25025 PCs
Debate Lab - DM 3134 PCs
Comms GA Lab - SDM6 PCs
Biology Laptops - FS 45116 PCs
Biology Commons - FS 4503 PCs
Physics Cart - FSB4 PCs

Open Labs

BL - Library 1st Floor28 PCs
BL - Learning Commons40 PCs
BL - Library 3rd Floor28 PCs
BL - Team5515 PCs; 15 Dual-Boot Macs for Checkout
BL - Team55 (CopyCat)5 Macs
MCG - Campus Ctr5 Kiosk Stations
Adams Ctr Lab11 PCs
Speech and Hearing3 PCs
Library Kiosks10 Kiosk Stations
Barret Hall Den2 PCs
Library - Digital Media Center (1st Floor)8 Macs
Library - Writing Center (Learning Commons)3 Macs
Zona Luce - ZL 2053 PCs
Library - 3rd Floor Reading Room8 PCs; 2 Macs
Hunter Welcome Ctr4 Kiosk Stations
COBA Connections Cafe3 PCs

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