ACU Client Backup Services

Backup Policy for Client Computers

One Carbonite license will be provided by Information Technology without charge for each member of faculty and staff, to be used only on ACU-owned client computers. The user will be responsible for the Carbonite license and ensuring that it is backing up.

Can I get more than one license?

Carbonite licenses are available for purchase for additional machines, including secondary and student employee computers. However, student employee machines will no longer be provided an automated backup solution by Information Technology. Student employees needing to back up files can use web files or can back up to external media (flash drive, CDs, external hard drives, etc). 

What are my other backup options?

We also support, for an additional expense, external hard drives and software used for backups. External hard drives and software can be purchased through the Helpdesk. For Windows machines we support the use of Genie Timeline ($40) and Windows 7 Backup and Restore (free with Windows 7). For Apple computers we support Apple Time Machine (free). If you need assistance backing up to an external hard drive please contact the Helpdesk.

If you have questions about our new backup system, please review our FAQ page or contact the Helpdesk.

Backup Requirements

  • A Carbonite account must be set up using your email account.
  • The client computer is running one of the following Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 7 or Mac OS 10.4 or higher. 
  • Backups can only occur when the computer is connected to a wired or wireless network (the speed of a wired (Ethernet) connection is much faster).
  • The user has placed all files in the user profile which is located in the "Documents and Settings" folder on a PC and in the "Users" folder on a Mac. 
  • Some file types are excluded: applications, temporary files, hidden files, video files, disk image files, and music files. To view a detailed list of these file types, please take a look at our exclusion list.

Backup Services

  • Clients can check if a backup has been performed based on the Carbonite icon. Visit our FAQ page for detailed information on this process.
  • Clients can initiate their own backup and restore at their convenience. Visit our FAQ to find out how to use Carbonite. 
  • Information Technology will be assigned to provide client support and respond to all work requests. Priority is given to clients who have failed hard drives. 
  • Deleted files are available for retrieval from the Carbonite system for 30 days using the application's restore feature.
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