Backup Exclusion Lists

Your Carbonite subscription is associated with a backup policy which determines whether a file is, by default, included or excluded from your backup.

Carbonite backs up all files except for:

  • System files such as .EXE and .DLL files (an exhaustive list of these extensions is available upon request).
  • Files in known system and temporary folders such as the C:\Windows folder. 
  • Files contained in hidden system folders (a.k.a super-hidden folders).
  • Files which are over 4GB in size (however, you can individually add large files to your backup by right-clicking on them and selecting "Back this up" from the Carbonite menu).
  • Video files (but you can add video files to your backup by right-clicking on a video file and selecting Properties. Then under the Carbonite tab select "Back up files of this type" (within folders selected for backup). This will select all video files under 4GB in size that are currently within folders selected for backup).
  • Files on non-permanent disk drives (e.g., network and removable USB drives) unless otherwise noted as a feature in your Carbonite product.

File Types that aren't backed up:

.113; .$$$; .$DB; .ABF; .ABK; .AFM; .ANI; .ANN; .BAC; .BAK; .BCK; .BCM; .BDB; .BDF; .BKF; .BKP; .BMK; .BSC; .CAB; .CF1; .CHM; .CHQ; .CHW; .CNT; .COM; .CPL; .CPL; .CUR; .DEV; .DFONT; .DLL; .DMP; .DRV; .DRV; .DVD; .EOT; .EVT; .EXE; .FFA; .FFL; .FFO; .FFX; .FNT; .FON; .FTG; .FTS; .FXP; .GID; .GRP; .HLP; .HXI; .HXQ; .HXR; .HXS; .ICO; .IDB; .IDX; .ILK; .IMG; .INF; .INI; .INS; .IPF; .ISO; .ISP; .ITS; .JAR; .JSE; .KBD; .KEXT; .KEY; .LEX; .LIB; .LNK; .LOG; .LWFN; .MSC; .MSI; .MSM; .MSP; .MST; .NCB; .NT; .OBJ; .OBS; .OCX; .OLD; .OST; .OTF; .OTF; .PCH; .PF; .PFA; .PFB; .PFM; .PLIST; .PNF; .POL; .PREF; .PRF; .PRG; .PRN; .PWL; .RDB; .REG; .REG; .RLL; .ROX; .SBR; .SCF; .SCR; .SDB; .SHB; .SUIT; .SWF; .SWP; .SYS; .SYS; .THEME; .TMP; .TMS; .TTC; .TTF; .TTF; .V2I; .VBE; .VGA; .VGD; .VHD; .VMC; .VMDK; .VMSD; .VMSN; .VMX; .VXD; .VXD; .WIN; .WPK;

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