RQ Book Review Submission Guidelines

Reviewers should note the following guidelines to critical reviews for our readers. The editors reserve the right to return a review for rewriting, to shorten it, or even to reject it if it departs substantially from these guidelines. We strive to review books within two years of publication for our readers. Your submission of the review by the agreed deadline will therefore be greatly appreciated.


The readers of RQ include both academics and ministers. Thus reviews should be both careful and accessible. Reviews should accurately summarize the book’s content, locate it within the context of scholarly discussion of its topic, identify its primary readership, and evaluate the author’s success or failure at making the book’s case. Reviews should fairly evaluate the work under consideration, giving place neither to personal agendas of the reviewer nor to any form of score-settling. 

Style and Format:

  1. Send reviews as an e-mail attachment using Word (PC compatible).
  2. Give a word count with the review.
  3. Please type the heading of your review in the following format: Jesus the Savior: Studies in New Testament Theology, by I. HOWARD MARSHALL. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 1990. xxi+329 pp. $19.95.
  4. At the end of the review, please type your name and institution or, if you are not a faculty member, your location (city, state). Excelsior University. Joan B. Doe
  5. Avoid pejorative or otherwise loaded terminology (e.g., “cults,” “orthodox,” “heretical”). Use gender inclusive language for human beings (“person” rather than “man,” “humankind” rather than “mankind”). 
  6. Criticism of a book is appropriate but should occur in courteous and fair tones, making arguments about ideas rather than judgments about persons.
  7. Page references should be page numbers only, not preceded by “p.” or “pp.” Use the abbreviations in the SBL Handbook of Style for books of the Bible and Apocrypha. References should be exact, and thus the abbreviations “f.” and “ff.” should not be used. References at the beginning of a sentence should be spelled out in full (“Genesis 11 speaks…”), while references elsewhere in the sentence are to be abbreviated (“according to Gen 11:3…”). 
  8. Quotations from languages other than English should ordinarily be translated.
  9. Hebrew and Greek words should appear, if at all, in transliteration, using one of the systems in the SBL Handbook of Style.

Types of Reviews:

  1. Shorter reviews of 100-400 words. These reviews should state clearly what the book tries to accomplish, something of its contents, its strengths and weaknesses, and the audience it will more benefit.
  2. Longer featured reviews of 800-1000 words. These reviews cover books that are of special importance in their field or hold special relevance to our readers. They should address the same concerns as the shorter reviews. In addition, they can deal at more length with issues of method. They should put the book in the larger context of its field, or perhaps relate the issues it raises to the heritage of the Stone-Campbell movement.

Publication Information:

After publication of your review, you will receive two copies of it in the mail. 

Send further questions and book reviews to:

Dr. Samjung Kang-Hamilton
Book Review Editor
ACU Box 29408
Abilene, TX 79699-9408

fax: 325-674-6180
phone: 325-674-3785

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