Restoration Quarterly is optimal as a select consumer base for biblical and theological advertisements. Restoration Quarterly is published by the Restoration Quarterly Corporation and is now read in approximately 26 countries by close to 1,000 subscribers. Of that number almost 200 are libraries.

Restoration Quarterly has been in publication since 1957. It began as an avenue for students, under the supervision of instructors, to publish their works in a journal to be shared. With a handful of issues and limited resources Restoration Quarterly was published with great success.

Restoration Quarterly is indexed in Banque d 'information bibliographique in patristique, Elenchus, bibliographicus biblicus, New Testament Abstracts, Old Testament Abstracts, Religion Index, Religious and Theological Abstracts, and Restoration Serials Index.

Restoration Quarterly is devoted to advancing knowledge and understanding of New Testament Christianity, its backgrounds, its history, and its implications for the present age.

The editor is Dr. James W. Thompson, Onstead Professor of New Testament at Abilene Christian University. The book review editor is Dr. Timothy Sensing, professor at Abilene Christian University.


The current rate for advertising a single full-page advertisement is $150.00 per quarter. The cost for a single half-page advertisement is $80.00 per quarter. The size of the full-page ad is 4.5" wide by 7.5" high, and  the half page is 4.5 " wide by 3.2" high.

The following dates are deadlines for camera-ready advertising copy:

First Quarter: November 15
Second Quarter: February 15
Third Quarter: May 15
Fourth Quarter: August 15

Further questions can be directed to the circulation manager at

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