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1:1 Ancient Comment on Instrumental Music in the Psalms, William Green

1:1 Principles of Biblical Interpretation in the Restoration Movement, Paul Southern

1:1 Psychotherapy and the Christian Mission, Ralph V. Graham

1:1 Time and History, J. D. Thomas

1:1 The Ministry of the Word in the First Two Centuries, Everett Ferguson

1:1 Tolbert Fanning, A. R. Holton

1:1 Exegetical Helps: The Genitive With Nouns of Action, J. W. Roberts

1:1 The Old Testament and Archaeology, John A. Scott

2:1 A Critical Analysis of the Mystery Revealed to Paul, Frank Van Dyke

2:1 The Lunenburg Letter, Glenn Paden

2:1 A Note on the Preposition eis in Matthew 12:41, J. W. Roberts

2:1 The Faith and Contemporary Theology, J. D. Thomas

2:1 Blessing in the Old Testament, A Study of Gen. 12:3, Paul Rotenberry 

2:2 Christology in Luke - Acts (1), Abraham J. Malherbe

2:4 Special Issue on the Church, Editor

2:4 The Associations of the Graeco-Roman World, R. L. Johnston Jr.

2:4 The Jewish Background of the Church, Jack P. Lewis

2:4 Ekklesia: A Word Study, Roy Bowen Ward

2:4 The Identity of the New Testament Church, W. B. Barton 

2:4 The Unity of the Church in Paul, Abraham J. Malherbe 

2:4 Ancient Concepts of the Church, William M. Green

3:3 Introduction

3:3 Gnosis and Primitive Christianity (1), Abraham J. Malherbe 

3:3 The Function of Theology, Don H. McGaughey

3:3 The Case for John 7:53-8:11, Roy Bowen Ward 


4:3 Ordination in the Ancient Church (1), Everett Ferguson

5:1 The Invitation: A Historical Survey, Thomas H. Olbricht

5:1 Ordination in the Ancient Church (II) 

5:1 Every Scripture Inspired of God, J. W. Roberts

5:2 The Textual Base of the RSV New Testament, Neil R. Lightfoot

5:2 Ordination in the Ancient Church (III), Everett Ferguson 

5:3 Notes on Thomas Campbell’s Declaration and Address, Jay Smith

5:4 An Introduction: The Task and Method of Exegesis, Abraham J. Malherbe

5:4 The Contributions of Textual Criticism to the Interpretation of the New Testament, Frank Pack

7:3 Like Fire in Dry Stubble — The Stone Movement 1804-1832 (Pt. I), J. W. Roberts and R. L. Roberts, Jr.

8:1 Like Fire in Dry Stubble — The Stone Movement 1804-1832 (Part II), R. L. and J.W. Roberts

8:4 "The Restoration Principle": A Critical Analysis, Roy B. Ward

8:4 A Critique: An Analysis of the Repudiation of Restoration, Thomas H. Olbricht

9:3 Christian Connexion and Unitarian Relations 1800-1844, Thomas H. Olbricht

12:1 Covenant Relations of the Sermon on the Mount, Robert A. Hawkins

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18:3 Authority and Tenure of Elders, Everett Ferguson 

20:1 The Areopagus Sermon and Romans 1:18ff: A Study in Creation Theology, Bruce E. Shields

21:4 Baptized in One Spirit, Bruce Terry



24:4 The Present Indicative in Matthew 19:9, Carroll Osburn

26:3 The Development and Failure of the Nineteenth-Century Evolutionary Theory of Ethics, Duane McCampbell

27:3 Ministry in the New Testament, James W. Thompson 

29:3 1 Corinthians 9:19-23: A Model for Those Who Seek to Win Souls, Kenneth V. Nelleer 

29:4 Thomas Campbell's Ministry at Ahorey, Alfred Russell Scott

30:1 Run with Your Eyes on Jesus, Dale R. Wells

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32:3 Sign and Word: Martin Luther's Theology of the Sacraments, Kenneth R. Craycraft, Jr.

32:3 The Springfield and Cumberland Presbyteries: Conflict and Secession in the Old Southwest, Douglas A. Foster

33:4 Imitating the Genre of Parable in Today’s Pulpit, Timothy R. Sensing

35:3 Assessment of Buttrick’s Homiletic, Tim Sensing

36:3 Isaac Errett: Unity and Expediency, Douglas Foster

36:3 The Gospel Genre: What Are We After? Tom Thatcher 

36:4 Paulus Senex, Abraham J. Malherbe 

37:1 Hermeneutics in the Churches of Christ, Thomas H. Olbricht

37:1 Alexander Campbell as a Publisher, Gary Holloway

37:1 Recent Patterns of Growth and Decline among Heirs of the Restoration Movement, Flavil Yeakley, Jr.

37:2 The High Church Roots of John Wesley’s Appeal to Primitive Christianity, Kelly D. Carter

37:2 Rethinking Jesus on Divorce, Gary D. Collier

37:2 When Tragedy Strikes, Alan Henderson

37:2 Who was a Jew? Jewish Ethnicity During the Achaemenid Period, Mark W. Hamilton

37:3 Reclaiming a Heritage, Richard T. Hughes

37:3 K. C. Moser and Churches of Christ: A Historical Perspective, John Mark Hicks

37:3 Inerrancy, Inspiration, and Dictation, Joel Stephen Williams

37:3 Dispensing Tokens: A Practice Long Gone?, W. A. Such

37:4 K. C. Moser and Churches of Christ: A Theological Perspective, John Mark Hicks

37:4 Philo on Pilate: Rhetoric or Reality? Tom Thatcher 

37:4 The Newly Discovered Fragmentary Aramaic Inscription from Tel Dan, John T. Willis

37:4 Strange Encounters of a Lectionary Kind, Tim Sensing

38:1 Rethinking the History of Churches of Christ: Responses to Richard Hughes, Douglas A. Foster; David Edwin Harrell Jr.; Samuel S. Hill

38:1 "When Shall I Reach That Happy Place?" Apocalyptic Themes in the Hymns of the Stone-Campbell Movement, Jim Mankin and Jason Fikes

38:1 Narrative Criticism and the Hebrew Scriptures: A Review and Assessment, R. Christopher Heard

38:1 Artists at Work: Profiles of Four Ministers, Joe Crisp

38:2 The Secret Baptism of Abraham Lincoln, Jim Martin

38:2 Gibbon Misconstrued, Paul Haynie

38:2 The Importance of Lifestory In Pastoral Care Assessment, Claude Cox

38:3 Churches of Christ and Abortion: A Survey of Selected Periodicals, Craig Churchill

38:3 Towards a Definition of Paraenesis, Tim Sensing

38:3 Codependency and Pastoral Care: a Report from the Trenches, Marlene K. Klunzinger and Michael S. Moore

38:3 A Theology of Small Groups, Darin Kennedy

38:4 A Strategy for Preaching Paraenesis, Tim Sensing

39:3 In Essentials Unity: The Pre-history of a Restoration Movement Slogan, Hans Rollmann

40:2 Pro-Union Sentiment among Restorationists within the Confederacy, Peggy Scott Holley

40:2 The Hellenistic Background to the Pauline Allegorical Method in Galatians 4:21-31, Curtis D. McClane

40:3 From Exegesis to Sermon in Romans 12:9-21, Timothy Sensing

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42:1 The Modernist/Fundamentalist Controversy and the Emergence of the Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ, Kevin R. Kragenbrink

42:1 Paul's Preaching Ministry: Evangelistic and Pastoral Preaching in Acts, James W. Thompson

42:1 "For the Honor of God and to Fulfill His Will": The Role of Polygamy in Anabaptist Münster, Darren T. Williamson

42:1 The Incarnation: The Dignity and Honor of Human Personhood, Frederick D. Aquino

42:1 Community Development According to Nehemiah, Michael Landon


43:1 Sanctified Entirely: The Theological Focus of Paul’s Instructions for Church Discipline, Stacy R. Obenhaus

43:1 The Stone-Campbell Millennium: A Historical Theological Perspective, Kevin James Gilbert


43:2 "The Circumcision of the Christ": The Significance of Baptism in Colossians and the Churches of the Restoration, Jeffrey Peterson

43:2 Churches of Christ and Baptism: An Historical and Theological Overview, Douglas A. Foster

43:2 The Renewal of the Practice of Adult Baptism by Immersion during the Reformation Era, 1525-1700, Wes Harrison

43:2 Archaeology and Christian Baptism, Bill Grasham

45:1 Ian Arthur Fair: A Tribute, Royce Money

45:1 Appreciation for Ian Arthur Fair, Mark Hamilton

45:1 The Role of the Academic Dean, Tim Sensing

45:1  Ian A. Fair as Academic Dean: Personal Reflections, Jack R. Reese

45:1  The Formation of an Academic Tradition in Biblical Studies at Abilene Christian University, James W. Thompson

45:1  In the Shadow of Leviathan: Kingship in the Book of Job, Mark W. Hamilton

45:1  The Use of Psalms in the Shaping of a Text: Psalm 2:7 and Psalm 110:1 in Hebrews 1, David Wallace

45:1 The Influence of the Emperor Cult on the Book of Revelation, Kenneth Cukrowski

45:1 Reading the Bible with Old Friends: The Value of Patristic Bible Interpretations for Ministry, Jeff Childers

45:1  John’s Disciples: A Serious Problem, Anthony Ash

45:1 Waves of the Spirit against a Rational Rock: The Impact of the Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Third Wave Movements on American Churches of Christ, Douglas A. Foster

45:1 Co-workers in the Lord: A Biblical Theology of Partnership, Jeanene P. Reese

45:1 A Theology of Informed Judgment, Frederick D. Aquino

47:1 The Extent of Christian Theological Diversity: Pauline Evidence, Jeffrey Peterson 

47:1 The Social Presuppositions of Early Liberation Theology, Michael Landon

47:1 Visions of Weakness: Apocalyptic Genre and the Identification of Paul's Opponents in 2 Corinthians 12:1-6, Jeremy Barrier

47:2 For God So Loved the Cosmos: The Good News, Ecology and Christian Ethics, Duane Barron

47:2 Comparing Seneca's Ethics in Epistulae Morales to Those of Paul in Romans, Peggy Vining 

47:2 The Challenges of Poverty to the North American Church, Michael Landon 

47:1 BOOK REVIEWS (web only) PDF

48:2 When Scholarship Goes South: Biblical Scholarship and Global Trends, Evertt W. Huffard 

48:3 Identity and Nostalgia among the Campbellites, James Maverick Cook

48:4 Pacifism in Churches of Christ in Western Canada During World War II and the Influence of Nashville Bible School, Shelley L. Jacobs  (Note that this article is a slightly fuller version than the print article. It also includes the corrected captions for the pictures.)


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