Vol. 45 No. 1/2 (2003) CONTENTS

    1      Ian Arthur Fair: A Tribute
            Royce Money

    2      Appreciation for Ian Arthur Fair
            Mark Hamilton

    5      The Role of the Academic Dean
            Tim Sensing

  11      Ian A. Fair as Academic Dean: Personal Reflections
            Jack R. Reese

  15      The Formation of an Academic Tradition in Biblical Studies at Abilene Christian University
            James W. Thompson

  29      In the Shadow of Leviathan: Kingship in the Book of Job
            Mark W. Hamilton

  41      The Use of Psalms in the Shaping of a Text: Psalm 2:7 and Psalm 110:1 in Hebrews 1
            David Wallace

  51      The Influence of the Emperor Cult on the Book of Revelation
            Kenneth Cukrowski

  65      Reading the Bible with Old Friends: The Value of Patristic Bible Interpretations for Ministry
            Jeff Childers

  85      John’s Disciples: A Serious Problem
            Anthony Ash

  95      Waves of the Spirit against a Rational Rock: The Impact of the Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Third
            Wave Movements on American Churches of Christ
            Douglas A. Foster

106      Co-workers in the Lord: A Biblical Theology of Partnership
            Jeanene P. Reese

115      A Theology of Informed Judgment
            Frederick D. Aquino

126      Book Reviews

136      Books Received

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