Vol. 30 No. 2/3 CONTENTS

Vol. 30 No. 2/3 CONTENTS

Alexander Campbell: The Years in Ireland
Bill J. Humble

Alexander Campbell’s "Beau Ideal": The Making of a Reformer
Eva Jean Wrather

Alexander Campbell’s Early Baptism in Ecumenicity and Sectarianism
Hiram J. Lester

Alexander Campbell’s Early Exposure to Scottish Restorationism, 1808-1809
Lynn A. McMillon

Alexander Campbell’s Natural Rhetoric of Evangelism
Carisse Mickey Berryhill

Alexander Campbell the Scholar
Frank Pack

The Popular Lectures and Addresses of Alexander Campbell
Forrest McCann

The Alexander Campbell Hymn Book (1828-1865)
Enos Dowling

Thc Relevance of Alexander Campbell for Today
Thomas H. Olbricht

Dissertations on Alexander Campbell
R. L. Roberts


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