Vol. 22 No. 1/2 CONTENTS

Vol. 22 No. 1/2 CONTENTS

In Honor Of: James David Thomas upon His Retirement as Bible Department Head

J. D. Thomas and the Abilene Christian University Bible Department
John C. Stevens

The Place and Purpose of Law
Reuel Lemmons

What Is the Restoration Movement?
B. J. Humble

"Outside the Camp": Hebrews 13
Landon Saunders

His Mark of Greatness
Joe R. Barnett

New Life
Lynn Anderson

God’s Mission, the Same Yesterday and Today
Daniel C. Hardin

A Study of Romans 8:28
Frank Pack

The Expression be’acharith hayyamin in the Old Testament
John T. Willis

The So-Called Jesus Resurrection Proof (John 20:7)
Fausto Salvoni

Gregory of Nyssa and Psalmos
Everett Ferguson

New Testament Studies at the University of Chicago: The First Decade 1892-1902
Thomas H. Olbricht

Exodus Typology in Hosea
Steve McKenzie

The Coming of the Lord: Eschatology and 1 Thessalonians
Phil Ware

J. D. Thomas: a Bibliography
R. L. Roberts

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