Vol. 16 No. 3/4 CONTENTS

Theological Scholarship and Biblical Preaching
Fred J. Barton

"Man Does Not Live by Bread Alone"
John T. Willis

Circumcision: An Initiatory Rite In Ancient Israel?
Harold O. Forshey

Job’s Summons to Yahweh: The Exploitation of a Legal Metaphor
J. J. M. Roberts

The Saving of the Savior: Hebrews 5:7ff
Neil R. Lightfoot

James of Jerusalem
Roy Bowen Ward

Apostle, Go Home!
Pat E. Harrell

"When You Come Together": Epi To Auto in Early Christian Literature
Everett Ferguson

Problems in the Translation of the Gospel of John
Frank Pack

The Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ
Derwood C. Smith

Glossolalia in the Second Century
William M. Green

The Doctrine of the Ministry in the Thought of Alexander Campbell
Weldon B. Bennett

1827—Annus Mirabilia—and Alexander Campbell
Earl Irvin West

Add-Ran and Its Heirs
Don H. Morris

Eschatology and Ethics
David Stewart

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