Vol. 9 No. 4 CONTENTS

Old Testament Studies in the Past Fifty Years
Jack P. Lewis

Old Testament Studies in the Restoration Movement
Anthony L. Ash

The Decline of the Wellhausen Reconstruction of Israelite Religion
Jimmy J. Roberts

The American Albright School
Thomas H. Olbricht

The Scandinavian Oral Tradition School
James K. Zink

The Continental Heilsgeschichte School
Richard Batey

Old Testament Theology
Paul L. Watson

The Babylonian Chronicles
Jimmy J. Roberts

The Deuteronomic Historian
Paul L. Watson

Covenant Types
Ray F. Chester

The Prophet—A Heavenly Messenger
C. F. Myer

The Priestly Tabernacle
John A. Scott



Wildcat Video Minute
Wildcat Video Minute
Combine a few hundred Wildcats, plenty of pens and post-it notes - What do you get? This month's Wildcat Video Minute takes a look at how the Student Alumni Association helped celebrate "I love ACU" day.
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